Country: Italy
Year: 1997
Duration: 25'

Seven dancers on the stage make up a single impassioned, vulnerable, and dreamy body.

"The dramatic work flows in the stream of calls for love written for the dancers by the writer Erri De Luca, who has been inspired by themes from the Book of Psalms, a work whose wanderings are dense with an intense poetic strength that is sometimes epic and sometimes tragic. The video is a somewhat reduced version from the dance performance of the same name for music and chorus put on by the Compagnia Corte Sconta, choreographed by Laura Balis and Cinzia Romiti, with music composed by Nicola Sani, in the version taped by the "Arturo Toscanini" Symphony Orchestra of the Emilia Romagna (K. Stella).


film director

Kiko Stella

Kiko Stella (Thiene, Vicenza; 1951) has worked in film, theater, television, and advertising as a director and producer.


Doppia paga (1982), Live (1983), Rosso di sera (1985), Imperfetto orario (1988), Tuffo nell'acqua e tonfi nel cuore (1990), Italia '90 - Lavori in corso (1990), Sette tavole (1991), Habana (1992), Il guardiano dei coccodrilli (1993), Milano, 25 aprile 1994 (1994), Strapiombo (1995), Spargimento (1997).


& Credits

Director: Kiko Stella.
Director of photography: Giuseppe Baresi.
Cast: Paolo Baccarani, Laura Balis, Lisa Da Boit, Soraya Perez, Franco Reffo, Giovanni Scarcella, Midori Watanabe.
Production company: Minnie Ferrara - Associati, via del Caravaggio 2, 20100 Milano, Italy, tel. e fax +39-2-55195318.