Country: Niger
Year: 1972
Duration: 45'

A group of Africans in Paris try to form a group with some French friends. In the background are the problems of interracial and intercultural communication and the 1968 student protests in France. In the African group, the attachment to tradition comes up against the tendency of others towards cultural alienation. Marc tries to find an inner equilibrium, thanks also to the help of his French girlfriend. But, one day, a letter from Africa takes him home to marry a girl from his own country.

"Beyond the differences in culture or race, the requisite for communication is that of having a common objective and being moved by the same ideal" (M. Diop).


film director

Mustapha Diop


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Mustapha Diop.
Director of photography: Jean-Claude Bodas, Jacques Boumedil, Mustapha Alassane.
Sound: Jean Pierre Lacam.
Music: Uta Bella, François Lougah, Gratien, Hadari.
Editor: Jean Pierre Lacam.
Cast: Uta Bella, François Louga, Gilles Combet, Sabina Steinwerk, Gérard Radji, Effo Marcelin, Alain N'Jock, Bogdan, Vicky Blain.
Production company: co-produzione franco-nigerina con la collaborazione dell'Universit` d'Abidjan.