Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 4'

An angel loses his wings and with that his certainty. He revisits the horrors of the past and the present with his memory in search of hard answers about hate, suffering, and pain. The angel in the flesh at last changes into stone. It is as if he himself has become a monument to the memory of all those who have suffered, as if he held all evil and pain inside of himself.


film director

Scuola per assistenti di comunità infantili "Brianza Scuola", Barzanò (LC)


& Credits

Director: Paola Canepa.
Plot: Francesca Carmagnola, Paola Canepa.
Screenplay: classe 4a scuola magistrale.
Cast: Elena Lievore.
Editor: Patrizia Cattaneo.
Production company: Scuola superiore per assistenti di comunit` infantili "Brianza Scuola" via Garibaldi 20/A, 23891 Barzanò (LC), Italy, tel. +39-39-956556, fax +39-39-9211526.