Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 12''

A man who has been blind for several years is living with his sister Giada, who takes care of him. The man nourishes a morbid passion for literature. However, ever since he became blind, Giada has been the one who read to him. One day Giada loses her life in an accident.

"The flight from reality. I have always asked myself if there is a place one is fleeing to. Where does the protagonist want to go - that person who is trying to escape through literature? Is it the gradual road towards loneliness? It is natural that hiding and living in a parallel and idyllic world - whatever it is - gradually makes us lose contact. And this is more so if a person is blind and is forced to perceive reality in a special way" (M. Coglitore).


film director

Massimo Coglitore

Massimo Coglitore (Messina, 1970) began to shoot amateur videos when he was very young. His first professional videos are: L'alba è vicina and I colori del cielo. Actually he is the president of Entr'acte with which he produced Uomo di carta, his first short film. In 2002 he shot and produced Deadline, his secondo short film in 35mm. He directed some local Tv magazines, three documentaries, and some tv commercials.


L'alba è vicina (cm, 1994), I colori del cielo (cm, 1995), A soqquadro (doc., 1995), Noi greci di Sicilia (1997), Uomo di carta (cm, 1998), La ginestra (1999), Deadline (cm, 2002).


& Credits

Director: Massimo Coglitore.
Screenplay: Massimo Coglitore, Nicola Calì.
Director of photography: Vincenzo Marinese, Vincenzo Carpineta. Costumi e scenografia: Liliana Costantino.
Sound: Fabio Felici.
Music: Felice Zaccone.
Editor: Carlotta Cristiani.
Cast and characters: Antonio Lo Presti (Valeriano), Fabrizia Sacchi (Simona), Hélène Nardini (Giada).
Producer: Francesco Calogero, Gigi Spedale. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Cooperativa Entr'acte, via Risorgimento 98, 98123 Messina, Italy, tel. +39-90-770835, fax +39-90-716360, e-mail >