Feature Film Competition 1998

V toy strane...

by Lidija Bobrowa
Country: Russia
Year: 1997
Duration: 85'

The story focuses on three main characters who represent three different aspects of the mysterious Russian soul. The first, Chapurin, is a kind of team leader talented in the financial aspects of life. He is an authority in the small village of Vnutovo. He manages his fellow villagers' interests and at the same time cheats them. The second is Skuridin, a gentle and poor shepherd. The two are the only people able to face the evil that confronts this village on the edge of the forest in the person of the happy scoundrel Zaika (Bunny). Zaika is someone who can "put shoes on fleas" in order to get a free drink and who is ruining his own life and his own talent. "It's crazy that I, a woman, have to make films like this. Don't we have enough men? Or perhaps, we don't have any men. There is so much talk, but the essential remain untouched" (L. Bobrowa).


film director

Lidija Bobrowa

Lidija Bobrowa (Zabaikalie, Russia; 1952) began studying history at Leningrad State University and then she took screenwriting courses at the Moscow Film School (WGIK) from 1978 to 1983. She then worked as an apprentice at Lenfilmstudios. In 1987 she began a two-year advanced program for directors and screenwriters (Workshop Grammatikow). She graduated, presenting her thesis film Oj, wy gusi... (1991).


Wsroslenije (Coming of age - Growing up, cm, 1988), Oj, wy gusi... (Hey, you, geese..., 1991), W toj stranje


& Credits

Director: Lidija Bobrowa.
Screenplay: Lidija Bobrowa, da una novella di Boris Jekimov.
Director of photography: Sergej Astachov.
Art director: Gennady Popov.
Sound: Igor Terechow.
Editor: Raisa Lisova, Tatjana Bystrova.
Cast and characters: Dmitri Klopov (Skuridin), Wladimir Bortchaninow (Chapurin), Alexander Starkheyev (Zaika).
Producer: Alexander Golutwa. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Lenfilmstudio e Narodny Film, 10 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue, 197101 St. Petersburg, Russia, tel. +7-812-2307255, fax +7-812-2370557.