Country: UK, USA
Year: 1998
Duration: 123'

Glam rock makes its mark on the British music scene in the early 1970's. "Megastar" Brian Slade, whose stage name is Maxwell Demon, is struck dead during a concert. However, when it comes out that the whole thing was a put on, his career collapses and the rock star disappears from the limelight. Ten years later, an English reporter named Arthur Stuart moves to New York. He had been a great fan of the singer and even witnessed the "incident", and now he has to write a report exactly about that episode. This is the way an investigation begins that runs through the testimony of the people who shared their career and public and private life with Slade. These include the person who discovered him in the beginning, particularly his lover and inspire Kurt Wild. This investigation aims to cast light on the mystery of the rock star who has disappeared. The film has a structure in which past and present intersect, modelled consciously on Citizen Kane, creating a story that evokes Iggy Pop and David Bowie.


film director

Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes (1961, South California) joined Barry Ellsworth and Christine Vachon in 1985 in founding Apparatus Productions, a non-profit organization aiming to help beginning directors technically and financially. He is also a founding member of Gran Fury, a group of artists actively committed to the campaign against AIDS.


Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (cm, 1987), Poison (1991), Safe (1994), Velvet Goldmine (id., 1998).


& Credits

Director: Todd Haynes.
Plot: Todd Haynes, James Lyons.
Screenplay: Todd Haynes.
Director of photography: Maryse Alberti.
Costume designer: Sandy Powell.
Art director: Christopher Hobbs.
Sound: Peter Lindsay.
Music: Carter Burwell.
Editor: James Lyons.
Cast and characters: Ewan McGregor (Curt Wild), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Brian Slade), Toni Colette (Mandy Slade), Christian Bale (Arthur Stuart), Eddie Izzard (Jerry Divine), Emily Woof (Shannon), Michael Feast (Cecil).
Producer: Christine Vachon.
Production company: Zenith Productions Ldt, 43-45 Dorset Street, W1H 4AB London, UK, tel. +44-171-2242440, fax +44-171-2243194; Film Four, 124 Horseferry Road, SW1P 2TX London, UK, tel. +44-171-3964444, fax +44-171-3068361.
Foreign sales agent: Goldwyn Films, 10 Stephen Mews, W1P 1PP London, UK, tel. +44-171-3338877, fax +44-171-3338878.
Italian distribution: Lucky Red Distribuzione s.r.l., via Antonio Baiamonti 10, 00195 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-6-37352296, fax +39-6-37352310.