Tribute to George. A. Romero

Latent Image: commercials and industrial films

Latent Image: commercials and industrial films

Country: USA

The program features a series of commercials made by Latent Image for clients like Calgon, Duke Beer, and Braun cereals. There are also a series of industrial documentaries like Steel and Single Girl, a program introducing the company, and the documentary The Amusement Park.


film director

George A. Romero

George A. Romero was born in New York in 1940, and began making amateur films at an early age. He followed courses in painting and sculpture at the Carnegie-Mellon Institute, and worked as a director and actor in Pittsburgh theaters. He later founded "The Latent Image", a production and distribution company with which he made commercials and industrial films. In 1968 he debuted as a director with Night of the Living Dead, which was filmed with improvised actors and short funds. The film was a great public success in the United States and in Europe. After Jack's Wife and There's Always Vanilla, both made in 1972, and The Crazies (1973), he made Dawn of the Dead in 1985, in part thanks to Dario Argento's support. The film was an ideal continuation of Night of the Living Dead, the second episode of a trilogy about the living dead, which ended with Day of the Dead in 1985. But before making this last episode, Romero directed Martin (1976), and Creepshow (1982), a film in episodes that draws inspiration from horror comic books like E.C. horror comics and whose screenplay was written by Stephen King. After Monkey Shines (1988), he directed The Facts in the Case of Valdemar, based on an Edgar Allan Poe story, the first episode of the film Two Evil Eyes (1990). The second episode, Il Gatto Nero, also based on a Poe story, was directed by Dario Argento. Romero later worked with Stephen King on Dark Half (1992). His latest feature film, Bruiser, was made in 2000 and was presented at last year's Torino Film Festival.


Night of the Living Dead (La notte dei morti viventi, 1968), The Affair (1969), Jack's Wife (La stagione della strega, 1972), There's always Vanilla (1972), The Crazies (La città verrà distrutta all'alba, 1973), Martin (Vampyr, 1978), Dawn of the Dead (Zombi, 1978), Knightriders (I cavalieri, 1981), Creepshow (id., 1982), Tales from the Darkside (serie tv, 1984), Day of the Dead (Il giorno degli zombi, 1985), Monkey Shines (Monkey Shines - Esperimento nel terrore, 1988), Two Evil Eyes (Due occhi diabolici, 1990), Dark Half (La metà oscura, 1993), Bruiser (2000).