by Luca Mastrogiovanni, Ciro Zecca
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 26'

Spicchietta and Bagigio have been engaged for a while; they live together in a rented room, in an apartment they share with other people. They love each other, or at least they think they do, but they are beginning to feel cramped by their life – and their room. They have to find a way to earn more money so they can move to a new house and put a spin on their life as a couple. The solution is both immediate and complicated: Spicchietta and Bagigio will film themselves as they make love and upload the video online... Naked, in front of the computer, ready to go “onstage,” the two fiancees begin to have doubts and fears...


film director

Luca Mastrogiovanni

(Campobasso, 1992) after receiving his degree in Humanities in Bologna, moved to Rome and began his career as a screenwriter. He has won the Mattador International Screenwriting Award twice, in 2016 and in 2018, and was one of the screenwriters for the TV series by Carlo Verdone Vita da Carlo. For the silver screen, he and Ciro Zecca wrote the story and the screenplay of the psychological thriller Vetro by Domenico Croce (2022), as well as the script of the comedy La seconda chance by Umberto Carteni.

Ciro Zecca

(Sondrio, 1987) graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. In 2016, he wrote the story and the screenplay of the movie Quel bravo ragazzo by Enrico Lando and in 2018 of Ci vuole un fisico (Young, Fit... And Almost Good Looking) by Alessandro Tamburini. Three years later, he wrote the screenplay of Sotto il sole di Riccione (Under the Riccione Sun) by the YouNuts!. In 2022, he was one of the authors of the first season of the TV series Vita da Carlo by Carlo Verdone, and that same year, of Sotto il sole di Amalfi (Under the Amalfi Sun), the followup of Sotto il sole di Riccione and, with Luca Mastrogiovanni, of the thriller Vetro by Domenico Croce.


Amateur Couple (cm, 2023).


film director

“What does it mean, for a couple, to lay themselves bare? Spicchietta and Bagigio have decided to sell their intimacy in order to solve their economic problems. They have chosen to share an intense and destabilizing experience, but before they do, they fail to resolve a problem they should have resolved before pushing 'rec.' Because they thought it would be easier to strip than to delve into each other's eyes. They decide to try to escape from the room in which they feel imprisoned, without asking themselves why they began to feel they were in the wrong place. Because the place they chose as a nest has begun to scare them. And like every prison cell in the world, there is someone inside who is serving time, more or less consciously, and someone else who is making sure that time is being served. With Amateur Couple, we decided to recount the possessive feeling that is inherent in some men. Disguised as love, hidden inside boxes with bright bows, covered by loving gestures. But when everything, all around, begins to crumble, when it all spins out of control, that feeling reveals itself violently. In all its blackest forms.”


& Credits

DIRECTORS, SCREENPLAY, PRODUCERS: Luca Mastrogiovanni, Ciro Zecca. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Martina Cocco. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Marco Pittacci. SOUND: Eduardo Orsini. CAST: Chiara Ferrara, Andrea Fuorto. COPRODUCERS: Andrea Romeo, Vincenzo Alfieri. 

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