by Martín Shanly
Country: Argentina
Year: 2023
Duration: 92'

Arturo attends the wedding of his former best friend. On the car trip between the church and the British clubhouse where the party is celebrated, he is involved in a bizarre car accident from which he manages to escape unscathed. From that moment on, a series of memories begin to unfold in the form of flashbacks that involve significant, yet mundane recent events. As he proceeds to intoxicate himself with alcohol and pot, the past and the present merge in an uncomfortable and humorous way, forcing him to confront delayed griefs as well as the darkest aspects of his personality.


film director

Martín Shanly

(Buenos Aires, Argentina 1988) graduates in Filmmaking from Universidad del Cine (FUC) in 2011. He directed About Twelve, which premiered in the National Competition at BAFICI in 2014. It participated in competition in a number of festivals, such as La Havana FF, Sao Paulo IFF, among others, receiving awards both in FESALP Film Festival in Argentina (best Feature Film), in Barcelona’s D’autor Film Festival (Premio Talents) and in Leonardo Favio film festival. He co-wrote the screenplay of A Decent Woman by Lukas Valenta Rinner, that premiered in TIFF. About Thirty was selected at Berlinale Forum in 2023.


Juana a los 12 (2014), Arturo a los 30 (2023).


film director

“My first feature, About Twelve, studied a character who was not behaving up to the expectations people have of a certain age. It became apparent that this was about the same thing, albeit a different age. I was interested in exploring the effects that unprocessed grief can have on a person, how it can stunt and paralyze development. When it comes to Arturo, the main character, there is a reluctance to cross an important threshold. I also wanted lo lean harder on the comedy aspect, I think humor has a way of making tough topics digestible.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Martín Shanly. SCREENPLAY: Ana Godoy, Federico Lastra, Victoria Marotta, Martín Shanly. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Federico Lastra. EDITING: Ana Godoy. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Clara Miani. COSTUME DESIGN: Marina Claypole. MUSIC: Manque La Banca, Maximiliano Mammarella. SOUND: Nahuel Palenque. CAST: Martín Shanly, Camila Dougall, Paula Grinzpan, Ivo Colonna Olsen, María Soldi, Esmeralda Escalante, Miel Bargman, Camila Videtta, Julieta Caputo, Martita Alchourrón, Julia Ezcurra, Pedro Merlo. PRODUCERS: Jerónimo Quevedo, Victoria Marotta, Franco Bacchiani, Paloma Torras, Martín Shanly. PRODUCTION: Un Puma. 

CONTACT: Figa Films (Sandro Fiorin) sandro@figafilms.com