by Gianfranco Cabiddu, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 94'

The movie has collected and elaborated over 1,500 hours of archive material shot over the course of 25 years by Gianfranco Cabiddu and his crew during the various editions of Time in Jazz, a music festival created and directed by Paolo Fresu in his hometown, Berchidda, in Sardinia. Mellara, Rossi, and Cabiddu edited the material, much of which has never been shown before, to compose a film-concert that is almost forty years long, intertwining music and places, emotions and memories. A unique cinematographic and musical experience, a precious legacy.


film director

Gianfranco Cabiddu

(Cagliari, 1953) has collaborated in theater with Vittorio Gassman, Carmelo Bene, Dario Fo, Martha Graham, Jerzy Grotowski, and Peter Brook, and was an assistant of Eduardo De Filippo. In cinema, he has worked as a sound technician for directors such as Comencini, Monicelli, Tornatore, Ponzi, and Villaggio. As a director and screenwriter, movies he has directed include Disamistade (1989), which won a Silver Ribbon; Sonos ‘e Memoria (1995), presented at the Venice Film Festival; Il figlio di Bakunin (The Son of Bakunin, 1997), Golden Goblet and Silver Ribbon; Passaggi di tempo (2005), best musical film at the Rome Film Fest; and the series Disegno di sangue (2006). In 2016, he directed the fiction film La stoffa dei sogni (The Stuff of Dreams, 2016) and in 2018 he and Mario Tronco co-directed Il Flauto magico a Piazza Vittorio (2018). In 2018, he debuted as an opera director and since 1996 has curated the film sector of the international Time in Jazz Festival in Berchidda, where he founded Archivio Video. Since 2017, he has been teaching directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.


Disamistade (1989), Cagliari (doc, 1990), S’Ardia (doc, 1994), Sonos ‘e Memoria (1995), Il figlio di Bakunin (1997), Scritto sulla Pietra (doc, 1998), Efis, martiri gloriosu (doc, 1999), Jazz Time in Berchidda (doc, 1999), In faccia al Vento (doc, 2000), Montevecchio (doc, 2004), Passaggi di tempo (2005), Disegno di Sangue (serie tv, 2006), Passaparola (doc, 2006), Paolo Fresu: L’Innesto, Padre e Figlio (doc, 2013), Faber in Sardegna (doc, 2014), La stoffa dei sogni (2016), Il Flauto magico a Piazza Vittorio (co-regia/codirector Mario Tronco, 2018), La Cava (2022), Ritorno a casa (doc, 2022), Berchidda Live (coregia/codirector Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi).

Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi

Michele Mellara (Bologna, 1967) and Alessandro Rossi (Bologna, 1970) have been working together for over twenty years. After debuting in fiction feature films with Fortezza Bastiani (2002), Premio Solinas for best screenplay, they dedicated themselves primarily to documentaries, making films such as Un metro sotto i pesci (2003), which received an award at the Ambiente Bellaria Film Festival; Le vie dei farmaci (2006), best documentary at CinemAmbiente; La febbre del fare (2010), best archival film at the Rio Film Festival; Vivere, che rischio (2019), audience award at Biografilm; 50 Santarcangelo Festival (2020), presented at Giornate degli autori at the Venice Film Festival (where, in 2017, they also presented their short fiction film L’incontro).They both teach at the University of Bologna and hold laboratories and seminars at other universities and cultural institutions. With Francesco Merini and Ilaria Malagutti, they founded the production company Mammut Film.


Fortezza Bastiani (2002), Domà case a San Pietroburgo (doc, 2003), Un metro sotto i pesci (doc, 2006), Le vie dei farmaci (doc, 2007), La febbre del fare (doc, 2010), God Save the Green (doc, 2012), Morris Bag (doc, 2013), I’m in Love with My Car (doc, 2017), L’incontro (cm, 2017), Vivere, che rischio (doc, 2019), 50 Santarcangelo Festival (doc, 2020), Musica da lettura (doc, 2021), Berchidda Live (coregia/codirector Gianfranco Cabiddu).


film director

“Following an emotional path that blends memories and the present, the movie doesn't progress through historical sequences of events, anecdotes, and chronologies, but through parallel lines of assonance and attraction, traveling between the past, the present, and the future, and elaborating a visual and musical synthesis of a multifaceted story that is still evolving. Our goal was to give voice to the images of Sardinia, the faces of the musicians, details of the instruments, the crowds of spectators, the unrestrained dancing, and the ecstatic listeners, the solitary places, and the big center stage, composing a jazz fresco that submerges viewers in the festival, letting them experience things they have never experienced or, on the contrary, which they attended but want to rediscover, relive.”


& Credits

DIRECTORS, SCREENPLAY: Gianfranco Cabiddu, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi. EDITING: Massimiliano Bartolini. ANIMATIONS: Alpraz. PRODUCER: Ilaria Malagutti. PRODUCTION: Mammut Film. COPRODUCTION: Associazione culturale Time in Jazz, Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia, Tùk Music.

CONTATTO: Mammut Film (Ilaria Malagutti) malagutti@mammutfilm.it