Country: South Korea
Year: 2023
Duration: 155'

Jay, a promising young writer, is about to publish her new book. Geonwoo, Jay′s roommate and lover, works as an English instructor at a private institute and silently assists Jay. Both of them care about each other and are happy as they are. However, Jay’s unplanned pregnancy brings huge changes, causing conflicts between the two.


film director

Yoo Ji-young

(Daegu, South Corea, 1989) graduated Korean Academy of Film Arts and made debut with her first feature Duck Town in 2017. She established film producer, Comple X Film and keeps working on dram, experimental, and documentary films. In 2023 she directed her second feature, Birth, which premi


Suseongmos (Duck Town, 2017), Birth (2023).


film director

“The accidental pregnancy happened to a happy couple and changed their relationship permanently. Through their unexpected journey, I wanted to reveal the bare faces of their conflicting desires and thoroughly explore if there is possibility that they could be united without sacrificing one over the other. Particularly, I'd like to find an answer for one big question in this film. How's woman's desire treated and accepted in our society?”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Yoo Ji-young. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kim Bo-ra. EDITING: Yoo Ji-young, Kim Bo-ra. CAST: Han Hae-in, Lee Han-ju. 

CONTACT: Indiestory (Jeong Yeon Kim)