by Donatello Fumarola, Laura Cingolani
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 5'

Brum Brum is a perception, an awareness, ignited by the complex collision between the passive and unhealthy aspect of power and the healthy and dynamic face of innocence. Brum Brum is an edited-discussion of the world that encourages and accelerates our gaze toward an undefined object. Brum Brum is the zero degree of refined surrealist poetry. Brum Brum is the other face of competition. Brum Brum is Brum Brum.


film director

Donatello Fumarola

from 1999 to 2021 was one of the writers for the Rai 3 TV program Fuori orario. Cose (mai) viste. In 2013, he published Atlante sentimentale del cinema per il XXI secolo, in collaboration with Alberto Momo (with whom, in 2015, he founded Zomia, a distribution company in charge of the Italian distribution of movies by Lav Diaz, Pedro Costa, Tariq Teguia, Julio Bressane, and Fabrizio Ferraro). As a producer, actor, and musician, he has collaborated with Amir Naderi, Jean-Marie Straub, Enrico Ghezzi, Tonino De Bernardi, and Ado Arietta. For television, he has directed two episodes (the first and the last) of the miniseries Zaum - Andare a parare (2011). He is the co-author of the screenplay of the movie Monte (2016) directed by Amir Naderi. He teaches film history at the Rome University of Fine Arts.


Brum Brum (cm, 2023)

Laura Cingolani

(Ancona), poet and artist, also dedicates herself to poetry as an art therapist. Her name has been appearing in anthologies and magazines since the 1990s. She has shown her works of visual poetry in various exhibits in Italy and abroad, and has made musical projects, works of sound poetry, and tactile artist's books. In 2019, she published her first book, Mangio alberi e altre poesie (Edizioni Del Verri), and in 2023, Fare lo spazio (Campanotto editore).


Brum Brum (cm, 2023)


film director

“Images like words, in a playful weave, to lose oneself inside, the senses hanging, in a leap (toward the unknown infinity of an archaic impulse).”


& Credits

DIRECTORS, SCREENPLAY, EDITING, PRODUCERS: Laura Cingolani, Donatello Fumarola.

CONTATTI: Laura Cingolani laura.cingolani@gmail.com