by Franco Citti, Sergio Citti
Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 90'

In the shantytown Villaggio felice (Happy Village), poor people, vagabonds, and marginalized people live together, including Peppe and Maria. Salvatore Salvatutti joins the community; he is a storyteller who has the power to make dreams come true with his colorful potions. Everything changes when a Japanese multinational corporation buys the land where the village is located and offers an apartment to each one of its inhabitants. Amid conflicts and envy, the group splits up and little by little disappears. After convincing Peppe and Maria to get married, Salvatore leaves for an unknown destination, alone.

Digitalized by CSC - Cineteca Nazionale


film director

Franco Citti

(Rome, 1935 – Fiumicino, 2016) raised with his brother Sergio in the Roman neighborhood of Marranella. Ha was then discovered by Pier Paolo Pasolini and made his debut as a leading actor in Accattone (1961). It was the beginning of a long career as an actor which saw him becoming one of Pasolini's favorities - in Mamma Roma (1962), Edipo Re (1967), Porcile (1969), Decameron (1971), I racconti di Canterbury (1972), Il fiore delle mille e una notte (1974) – and by his brother Sergio, starting with Ostia (1970). He has also worked with Valerio Zurlini, Elio Petri, Citto Maselli, Ruggero Deodato and with Bernardo Bertolucci (La luna, 1979) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather and The Godfather - Part III). As a director he realized only one film, Cartoni animati (1998), «with the fraternal collaboration of Sergio Citti».


Cartoni animati (coregia/codirector Sergio Citti, 1998).

Sergio Citti


& Credits

DIRECTORS: Franco Citti (and Sergio Citti). STORY: Sergio Citti, Franco Citti, Marco Tocchi, Ennio De Concini. SCREENPLAY: Franco Citti, Sergio Citti, Marco Tocchi. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Felice De Maria. EDITING: Ugo De Rossi. PRODUCTION DESIGN, COSTUMES: Mario Ambrosino. MUSIC: Ennio Morricone. CAST: Franco Citti, Rosario Fiorello, Elide Melli, Olimpia Carlisi, Ermanno Castriota, Guerrino Crivello, Pietro De Silva, Daniele Ferretti, Franco Javarone, Vera Gemma, Barbara De Pace, Bernardo Consoli. PRODUCERS: Francesco Pamphili, Felice De Maria. PRODUCTION: Morgan Film, La Lumina. COPRODUCTION: Mediaset.