by Damiano Giacomelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 105'

A mysterious wrongdoing shakes the life of Castelrotto, a small Apennine village that has always been off the news... and history. Ottone, a former local journalist and retired elementary school teacher, takes advantage of the incident to pick up the pen again and seek revenge for an old injustice suffered. His plan is clear: manipulate the narrative of the new crime to accuse the men who ruined his life.


film director

Damiano Giacomelli

(Tolentino, Italy, 1983) is a director and screenwriter. His short films La strada vecchia (2018) and Spera Teresa (2019) have received numerous awards, including the award for best short at Torino and the I Love G.A.I. - Giovani Autori Italiani prize, a competition organized by SIAE as part of the Venice Film Festival. In 2019, he co-directed with Lorenzo Raponi the documentary Siddharta, which participated in important national and international festivals, winning the Hera New Talents award at the Biografilm festival in Bologna. Since 2014, he has been a producer with YUK! Film, which has several documentaries and short films to its credit. He is among the founders of the Officine Mattòli film school in the Marche region, where he has been coordinating the filmmaking course since 2010. From the same year, he has been the artistic director of Borgofuturo, a festival that explores a sustainable perspective for the towns in the Italian inland areas. In 2023, he wrote and directed his first feature film, Castelrotto.


Rovescio (cm, 2014), La strada vecchia (cm, 2018), Noci sonanti (coregia/co-director Lorenzo Raponi, doc., 2019), Spera Teresa (cm, 2019), Castelrotto (2023).


film director

“Castelrotto stems from an interest in the local news of my territory, the hinterland of Macerata, in the years immediately preceding the 2016 earthquake, a period during which even on a local scale, print media definitively gave way to online publications. As I gathered this material, I began to experience it through a filter, a voice that then became the focal point of the film. This is how Ottone was born, a fallen teacher who pursues his blind personal vendetta and, in doing so, reclaims a lost vitality.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Damiano Giacomelli. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Eugenio Cinti Luciani. EDITING: Enrico Giovannone. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Davide Marchi. COSTUME DESIGN: Roberta Spegne. MUSIC: Peppe Leone. SOUND: Emanuele Cicconi, Michele Conti. CAST: Giorgio Colangeli, Denise Tantucci, Mirco Abbruzzetti, Antonella Attili, Giorgio Montanini, Ermanno De Biagi, Stanley Igbokwe, Walter Rizzuto, Andrea Caimmi, Iacopo Nestori, Lucia Marinsalta, Federico Fazioli, Giovanna Paglialunga, Giovanni Mercuri, Marco Pallotta. With the extraordinary participation of Fabrizio Ferracane. PRODUCTION: YUK! Film. WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Regione Marche/Marche Film Commission. WITH THE COLLABORATION OF: Malfè Film.

CONTACT: info@yukfilm.com