by Felipe Esparza Pérez
Country: Peru
Year: 2023
Duration: 60'

A Peruvian father labours patiently, chipping at the white volcanic stone that forms an extraordinary landscape. His son is part of the modern world: he uses cameras and drones in order to create the digital model of a church on a computer. Separated by the mysterious death of the wife/mother figure in the family, these men do not connect. And yet their paths cross in a ghostly manner, as do their professions: each in their own way works with textures and volumes, sensations and perceptions. Can the realm of digital art recreate and revivify the old world? Can it also awaken hearts grown lonely and cold?


film director

Felipe Esparza Pérez

(1985. Talara, Peru) graduated with a master's degree from Centro de la Imagen (Lima) and Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France). His work creates dynamic links and tensions between film and visual arts, with a strong interest in rituals, faith and its symbolic derivations and the relationship between image and time, image and history, and image and truth. His work has been shown in Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin -New Cinema and Contemporary Art, Guangzhou Image Triennial (China), Shangyuang Museum of Contemporary Art (Pekín), Biennale Videobrasil (Sao Paulo), Los Angeles Film Forum, FIVA Videoart Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Curtocircuíto, Moscow IFF, Torino IFF, Beijing BIFF, among others. He is currently a fellow at the Film Study Center at Harvard University.


Padre nuestro (cm, 2013), Soga de muerto (cm, 2015), Espacio sagrado (cm, 2016), Outside the nut (cm, 2018), Laguna negra (doc, cm, 2020), The Old Child (doc, cm, 2021), To cut a tree on a green moon (doc, cm, 2021), Cielo abierto (doc, 2023).


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Felipe Esparza Pérez. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Fernando Criollo. EDITING: Felipe Esparza Pérez, Kendra McLaughlin. MUSIC: Nantu Studio. SOUND: Yannick Delmaire, Juan Carlos Rosales, Felipe Esparza. CAST: Dionicio Huaraccallo Idme, Moisés Jiménez Carbajal, Julio Carcausto Larito, Mayra Ferrer. PRODUCER: Lorena Tulini. PRODUCTION: Milk Studio. IN COLLABORATION WITH: PAI Films-Cultural Association Bulla. WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Le Fresnoy.

CONTACT: Lorena Tulini tulinilorena@gmail.com