by Hsiu-Yi Huang
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2023
Duration: 154'

With 20 years of experience in shrimp farming in Taiwan, Du came to Myanmar alone. Even though he saw only endless wilderness before him, he still believed, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” nothing is impossible on this earth. He did not expect what followed were white powders and guns. A Burmese-Chinese girl, Sue, who had the same dream for shrimp farming, decided to settle down in the shrimp farm his father had started to develop 20 years ago, after the marriage to her Burmese husband, Jojo. She was determined to carry out the unfulfilled ambition of her father. Struggling to confront the false accusation, Du encountered Sue by chance. Together, they decided to farm and rear shrimps in the wilderness and build their “Diamond Marine World.”


film director

Huang Hsiu-Yi

(Yunlin County, Taiwan) graduated from Graduate Institute of Documentary & Film Archiving (TNNUA). She has curated film festivals and participated in producing featured and experimental films. She is currently the director and producer of documentary films. Her works, such as She Is Dancing (2004) and Grandma’s Ring (2009), are highly associated with her background and focus on women, adolescents, and environmental issues.She traveled along the Mekong River through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam in 2015 and then returned to Taiwan and began the shooting plan for Diamond Marine World, awarded as best documentary in Taipei


She Is Dancing (mm, doc., 2004), Dialog in Spring (cm, doc., 2008), Grandma’s Ring (cm, doc., 2009), Zuan Shi Shui Zu Shi Jie (Diamond Marine World, doc., 2023).


film director

“In Diamond Marine World, the chef from Taiwan, Du, with his Burmese employees, Sue, and Jojo, together they work for an opportunity to become rich. Each of them made their sacrifices and choices in the quest for success. They have also lost their trust due to inner demons and conflicts. What is the definition of success in different cultures and systems of values? To become wealthy or to live in the present? In this film, I think the audience can eventually catch sight of humanity and understand this estranged country, Myanmar.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Huang Hsiu-Yi. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Wang Chen-Yu, Huang Hsiu-Yi. EDITING: Tsai Yi-Fen. MUSIC: Zavi Tsai. 

CONTACT: Flash Forward Entertainment (Selina Chen Si Yu) selina@ffe.com.tw