Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 8'

Maria Filacchia is a perfect wife and mother. Her husband Giacomo has lost his job, but she tries to somehow carry on the family routine. Every morning she leaves the house and goes to work: a real estate agent, she tells everyone. In reality, Maria is something else. Maria is Domina, a dominatrix who in lurex romper, heels and riding crop gets paid to beat men. Powerful, rich men, looking for something they don’t find in their women. Men who ask to be punished, and who Domina satisfies without sparing herself...


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Devid D’Amico. CAST: Manuela Arcuri, Claudio Vanni, Chi Yang Chi, Ivo Romagnoli, Aldo Marinucci, Mattia Di Gianfrancesco, Aurora Gullà. PRODUCTION: Emmegi Production.