by Francesco Clerici
Country: Switzerland, Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 11'

In an unspecified time in the future, in an unspecified forest, a few movie cameras that run on solar energy are still activated by motion sensors. The documentary filmmakers who hid the video cameras are dead, as are almost all the human beings on the planet. But the animals are still alive. One of the last remaining humans feels the end is approaching and, for the first time, sends a vocal message to his best friend. The devices continue to record.


film director

Francesco Clerici

after graduating in History and Criticism of Art at the University of Milan, since 2009 he has collaborated with the artist Velasco Vitali and with Cicae (Confédération Internationale des Cinéma d'Art e d'Essai). He combines his activity as a documentary director with teaching in some Italian universities (University and Polytechnic of Milan, IULM, Raffles). Il gesto delle mani, his first film, won the Fipresci prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2015. His works have been presented worldwide at film festivals and screened in institutions such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, BFI in London, Cineteca Nacional de Mexico, ICA in London, Barbican, MAXXI in Rome, Palazzo Reale in Milan, MART, Documentary Film Center in Moscow. In 2018 the Cinemateque of Grenoble dedicated a retrospective to his work. In 2022, his last two documentary films La paz del futuro and Enrico Cattaneo. White Noise were presented at the Rome Film Festival.


Il gesto delle mani (doc, 2015), Giancarlo Vitali: Time Out (doc, cm, 2017), Gillo Dorfles. In un bicchier d’acqua (doc, cm, 2017), Maneggiare con cura (doc, 2017), Memoria del fuego (doc, cm, 2018), Mî (doc, cm, 2020), Da Soli Insieme (doc, mm, 2022), Enrico Cattaneo. Rumore Bianco (coregia/codirector Ruggero Gabbai, doc, cm, 2022), La paz del futuro (coregia/codirector Luca Previtali, doc, 2022), Even Tide (cm, 2023).


film director

“Even Tide is a science fiction short, there are no human beings either in front or behind the cameras. In this movie, all the material that is used is constituted by messages that cannot be heard: a vocal message to a friend who has died, animals' gazes into video cameras without humans, the love song of the last bird of its species, a requiem. All this began with shots that were discarded over the years by two filmmakers who make documentaries about animals: Paolo Rossi and Nicola Rebora. […] Animals look for us. They stare at us. They play with our gaze. And since these devices, these camera traps, run on solar energy and are activated by motion sensors, they will continue to capture their gazes after humans have disappeared. They will be images and sounds in an impossible dialog.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, EDITING: Francesco Clerici. SCREENPLAY: Jon Barrenechea, Francesco Clerici. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Nicola Rebora, Paolo Rossi. MUSIC: Even Tide / Abide with me di Henry Francis Lyte (1847). SOUND: Carlo Comazzi. VOICE: Jon Barrenechea. PRODUZIONE: OPI, Andrea Lavagnini, Francesco Clerici.

CONTACT: Andrea Lavagnini andrealavagnini85@gmail.com