by Roberto Faenza
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 101'

On Ripa di Porta Ticinese, along the Navigli canals, there is an apartment with its door always open. Those who often cross its threshold include intellectuals, singers, journalists, and even simple curious souls. They are all there for her, Alda: 70 years old, manicured nails, a perpetually lit cigarette, and a chaos in which she feels at ease. But what makes her so special? Her poetry, of course, but perhaps also her no-nonsense life, which she herself narrates with irony and wit to a young intellectual, Arnoldo.


film director

Roberto Faenza

(Turin, 1943) after earning a diploma from the Experimental Center of Cinematography, in 1968, he made his directorial debut with Escalation. In 1978, he created the montage film Forza Italia! dedicated to the political history of the post-war period, which was pulled from theaters and censored. After moving to New York, he directed Order of Death (1983), starring Harvey Keitel and Nicole Garcia, and began teaching mass media studies at Federal City College in Washington. Upon returning to Italy, he directed several successful films, often with a strong literary influence, such as Jonah Who Lived in the Whale (1993, David di Donatello for Best Director), Pereira Maintains (1995), The Days of Abandonment (2005), presented at the Venice Film Festival, The Viceroys (2007), based on De Roberto's novel, and One Day This Pain Will Be Useful to You (2011). In 2016, he directed The Truth Lies in the Sky, based on the Emanuela Orlandi case, and six years later, Hill of Vision, a biography of Nobel laureate Mario Capecchi. In 2023, he directed the Rai fiction series Folle d'amore, in which Laura Morante portrays the poet Alda Merini.


Escalation (1968), H2S (1969), Forza Italia! (doc., 1977), Si salvi chi vuole (1980), Copkiller (L’assassino dei poliziotti) (1982), Mio caro dottor Gräsler (1991), Jona che visse nella balena (1993), Sostiene Pereira (1996), Marianna Ucrìa (1997), L’amante perduto (1999), Prendimi l’anima (2002), Alla luce del sole (2005), I giorni dell’abbandono (2005), I Viceré (2007), Il caso dell’infedele Klara (2009), Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile (2011), Il delitto di via Poma (TV, 2011), Anita B. (2014), La verità sta in cielo (2016), Hill of Vision (2022), Folle d’amore (TV, 2023).


film director

“While it is true that Alda Merini received numerous awards and expressions of esteem in her lifetime within the literary sphere, it is equally true that her poetic style, far from being strictly popular, managed to capture the hearts of a broad audience, including the younger generations. This is why it is fascinating to explore how Alda succeeded in translating an extraordinarily rich and universally recognizable imagery into her verses.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Roberto Faenza. SCREENPLAY: Roberto Faenza, Lea Tafuri. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Saverio Guarna. EDITING: Davide Miele. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Maurizio Zecchin, Angela Bellora. COSTUME DESIGN: Carola Fenocchio, Giovanna Mazzi. MUSIC: Dimitri Scarlato. CAST: Laura Morante, Federico Cesari, Rosa Diletta Rossi, Sofia D’Elia, Mariano Rigillo,m Luca Cesa, Alessandro Fella, Giorgio Marchesi, Francesca Beggio, Ludovico Succio. PRODUCERS: Elda Ferri, Fania Petrocchi. PRODUCTION: Rai Fiction, Jean Vigo Italia.

CONTACT: RaiFiction