Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 97'

1963. The young nurse Anna takes service in the juvenile ward of a mental hospital. Here she meets and becomes attached to sweet Lucia, a fifteen-year-old schizophrenic. Against the backdrop of a struggle between Dr. Marie and the rigid Dr. Oreste for the new experimental treatments, the relationship between Anna and Lucia thickens, forcing them to make decisive choices for their respective lives.


film director

Catrinel Marlon

(Iași, Romania, 1985) begins working as a model at the age of 16. Female protagonist of Luigi Lo Cascio’s first feature, La città ideale (2012), she has been awarded in 2013 with the Explosive Talent Award at the Giffoni Film Festival. In 2015 she is directed by Brando De Sica in the short film L’errore. In 2016 she receives the Kineo award in Venice as a young revelation of the Italian cinema. Besides Italy, she plays in the CSI series and in Corneliu Porumboiu’s La Gomera. She directed a commercial for Bulgari for Save The Children on the occasion of the International Children’s Rights Day. Sunflowers is her debut feature.


Ossa (coregia/co-director, Daniele Testi, cm, 2022), Girasoli (2023).


film director

“Sunflowers is not a story about madness, nor does it tell about mental asylums as we have been accustomed to see them. It is the story of an impossible love, which was born by chance within the walls of a hospital psychiatric and survives to this day, imprinted on paper and in memory. We tell it so that the mental hospital does not remain just a place of suffering and imprisonment, but can survive in a story. That of Anna and Lucia. Forever. As a first film I have always wanted to try my hand at a film with children. I’ve always loved them and I have always been fascinated by their purity, their way of interacting and above all by how they see the world. I started my life journey in a sort of orphanage Romania, where I was born”.


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Catrinel Marlon. SCREENPLAY: Catrinel Marlon, Francesca Nozzolillo, Heidrun Schleef. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Fabio Zamarion. EDITING: Massimo Quaglia. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Tonino Zera. COSTUME DESIGN: Nicoletta Ercole. MUSIC: Alessandro Magnanini, Logico Srl. SOUND: Davide Magara. CAST: Gaia Girace, Mariarosaria Mingione, Monica Guerritore, Pietro Ragusa. PRODUCER: Massimiliano di Lodovico. PRODUCTION: Rai Cinema, Masi Film.

CONTACT: Masi Film (Massimiliano di Lodovico)