Country: Russia
Year: 2023
Duration: 119'

In Russia, an introverted father and his teenage daughter live on the road in a van that contains their entire life, including the equipment for a travelling cinema: the source of their meager income.


film director

Ilya Povolotsky

(Izhevsk, Russia, 1987) studied Law and soon after graduation started a small production company. Directing commercial and commissioned work, he gradually shifted to developing independent film projects. His first short film Northerners was presented in competition of Krakow Film Festival and Camerimage, and was soon followed by a feature-length documentary Froth, which received a Special Mention at IDFA 2019 and numerous distinctions worldwide. Grace, his feature film debut, has been selected at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight.


Northerners (cm, 2017), Froth (doc, 2019), Grace (2023).


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Ilya Povolotsky. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Nikolay Zheludovich. EDITING: Aleksandr Kletsov, Ilya Povolotsky. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Zlata Kalmina, Elya Strezhenyuk, Olga Druzhinina. MUSIC: Zurkas Tepla. SOUND: Alexander Krotov, Andrey Dergachev. CAST: Maria Lukyanova, Gela Chitava, Daro Akimidze, Koba Akimidze, Aleksandr Cherednik, Christina Chernyavskaya, Anna Grigoryeva, Ivan Ivashov, Dmitry Khalileyev, Issa Khasatsov. PRODUCTION: Blackchamber. PRODUCERS: Ivan Nechaev, Ilya Povolotsky. 

CONTACT: Pascale Ramonda