Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 106'

The film tells, through the stories of four characters whose lives, in different forms and manners, are either changed or endangered by shoes, an object symbolizing desire par excellence, what we are willing to do to find our identity in the world, how far we go to be loved and accepted. It narrates a world where everyone desires what they don't have, where everyone wants to be what they are not.


film director

Luigi Di Capua

(Rome, 1986) graduated in Psychology with a thesis on Psychological Behaviorism in collaboration with The New School Univ. in NYC. He is a founding member of the collective The Pills (2011), with which he wrote two TV series (Italy 1, Deejay TV), and in 2016 the movie Sempre meglio che lavorare. He is the creator and screenwriter of the TV series Zio Gianni with Paolo Calabresi and The Generi with Maccio Capatonda. For cinema, he has also written the screenplays for I Can Quit Whenever I Want: Masterclass, I Can Quit Whenever I Want: Ad Honorem, and Sono solo fantasmi. For theater, he was the author and director of Il più bel secolo della mia vita, from which a film was adapted, starring Valerio Lundini and Sergio Castellitto. In 2023, he made his directorial debut with Holy Shoes, for which he also penned the screenplay.


Holy Shoes (2023).


film director

“Holy Shoes aims to narrate one of the most intriguing and powerful aspects of our contemporary society: the tyranny of desire. The desire to be what we are not, the longing to possess what we lack. We are all desiring souls, and in a consumer-driven society, desire is the engine that moves all things. Because our identity takes shape through what we desire. And today, more than ever, we are all in a frenzied quest for an identity. Lost in digital fluidity, lacking solid models, we exchange our identities with those of others, and perhaps our very desires are the desires of others.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Luigi Di Capua. SCREENPLAY: Luigi Di Capua, Alessandro Ottaviani. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Gianluca Palma. EDITING: Julien Panzarasa. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Silvio Di Monaco. COSTUME DESIGN: Antonella Mignona. CAST: Simone Liberati, Carla Signoris, Isabella Briganti, Denise Capezza, Ludovica Nasti, Orso Maria Guerrini, Raffaele Argesanu, Tiffany Zhou, Andrea Zhang, Roberto De Francesco, Valentino Campitelli, Alessandro Iammella, Alessia Fugardi. PRODUCERS: Agostino Saccà. PRODUCTION: Pepito Produzioni, Rai Cinema.

CONTACT: Pepito produzioni (Mirco Da Lio)