by Marco Risi
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 112'

Carlo, a spoiled and unruly young man, one night causes a serious car accident while drunk, for which he is sentenced to serve a year of community service at a nursing home. Along with him at Villa Bianca arrives Manuel, a young drug dealer caught in the act. Luisa, a nurse who has been working in the facility for years, will guide the two young men into a world without age where sharing, comfort, and acceptance will forever change their perspective on the world and on life.


film director

Marco Risi

Marco Risi (Milan, 1951) began his film work as assistant to Nelo Risi in Una stagione all’inferno (1970). He then worked as screenwriter with his father Dino Risi in Caro papà (1978) and Sono fotogenico (1979). He made a documentary for television, Appunti su Hollywood. In 1983 he directed his first film Vado a vivere da solo. His film take on themes of civil commitment and social protest, such as the issues raised in Mery per sempre, Ragazzi fuori, Il muro di gomma, and Il branco. In 1991 he co-founded the production house, Sorpasso Film with Maurizio Tedesco. From 1992 he produced works of directors such as Leone Pompucci (Mille bolle blu, Camerieri), Aurelio Grimaldi (Le buttane), and Ferzan Ozpetek (Il bagno turco - Hamam). In 2000 he produced Luce negli occhi, by debuting director Andrea Porporati, which is to be presented at the 2001 Torino Film Festival, as well as Mariano regista, by debuting director Luca D’Ascanio, which was made with digital technology. In 2007, he directed the biography of the famous footballer in Maradona - The Hand of God, while themes of civil commitment returned in 2009 with Fortapàsc. In 2013, he directed the noir Cha cha cha, followed in 2014 by the dramatic film Tre tocchi and in 2018 by the comedy Natale a 5 stelle. In 2023, he directed Il punto di rugiada.


Appunti su Hollywood (doc., 1977), Vado a vivere da solo (1983), Un ragazzo e una ragazza (1984), Colpo di fulmine (1985), Soldati, 365 all’alba (1987), Mery per sempre (1989), Ragazzi fuori (1990), Il muro di gomma (1991), Nel continente nero (1992), Cinque delitti imperfetti (tv, 1993), Il branco (1994), L’unico paese al mondo (regia collettiva, 1994), Eyup eyup - Il bambino dell’Anatolia (doc., 1996), L’ultimo capodanno (1998), Maestro per caso. Incontro con Dino Risi (doc., 2001), Tre mogli (2001), Maradona – La mano de Dios (2007), L’ultimo padrino (tv, 2008), Fortapàsc (2009), Cha cha cha (2013), Tre tocchi (2014), Natale a 5 stelle (2018), L’Aquila-– Grandi speranze (12 ep, serie tv, 2019), Il punto di rugiada (2023).


film director

“It had been about thirteen years that I had been thinking about this film about the elderly, and in the meantime, one might say that I became one myself. I was in Pordenone at a meeting for Fortapàsc. A young schoolteacher, who had since become a successful writer, Enrico Galiano, approached me and spoke about his experience a few years earlier in a nursing home as an alternative to military service. Those stories stuck with me; I felt there was material for a novel, as Balzac would say, but also for a film.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Marco Risi. SCREENPLAY: Marco Risi, Riccardo de Torrebruna, Francesco Frangipane. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Michele Paradisi. EDITING: Luigi Mearelli. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Elio Maiello. COSTUME DESIGN: Alfonsina Lettieri. MUSIC: Leandro Piccioni. SOUND: Gianfranco Tortora. CAST: Massimo De Francovich, Alessandro Fella, Eros Pagni, Lucia Rossi, Luigi Diberti, Roberto Gudese, Valerio Binasco, Elena Cotta. PRODUCERS: Domenico Procacci, Laura Paolucci. PRODUCTION: Fandango, Rai Cinema.

CONTACT: Fandango