by GianlucaMaria Tavarelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 100'

Paolo and Lucia have always loved each other, inevitably blending together, unable to know where one begins and the other ends. They have grown up together, studied together with the same passion and a common goal. Today, slightly disillusioned, they must realize that their careers haven’t reached the point they had hoped for when they first met and embarked on their journey with enthusiasm and carefreeness. Perhaps even their relationship isn’t aging so well. In this era of hyper-exposure, they feel too under the radar. And if they were asked to participate in a TV program to share their love story, especially their moments of crisis? Could it be an opportunity to rejuvenate, to be reborn? Will it be a blessing or a ticking time bomb?


film director

Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

(Turin, Italy, 1964) approached cinema independently, producing numerous short films in Super 8 and 16mm. In 1989, his debut short film Dimmi qualcosa di te participated in numerous festivals and competitions in Italy and abroad, garnering several awards. In 1994, he made his cinematic debut with Portami via, presented at Venice, followed in 1999 by Un amore. In 2000, he directed the comedy This Is Not Paradise, and in 2003 helmed Liberi, starring Elio Germano and Nicole Grimaudo, also presented at Venice. In 2006, Don’t Make Any Plans fot Tonight competed in the Orizzonti section at Venice. During the same period, he began working for television, creating successful dramas: Borsellino (2004), Maria Montessori - Una vita per i bambini (2007), Aldo Moro - Il presidente (2008), Le cose che restano (2010), The Young Montalbano (2012-2015), Maltese - Il romanzo del Commissario (2017). In 2015, he received the Sergio Leone award in Annecy. In 2020, I Will Find You was selected among the 12 global TV productions for the Berlinale Series Market Selects.


Forme della realtà (cm, 1985), Cercando Erato (cm, 1986), Non oltre mezzanotte (cm, 1987), Il ferro contro il viso (cm, 1988), Dimmi qualcosa di te (cm, 1989), Nubi, (cm, 1992), Portami via (1994), Un amore (1999), Qui non è il paradiso (2000), Vite perfette (cm, 2001), Liberi (2003), Paolo Borsellino (miniserie tv, 2004), Non prendere impegni stasera (2006), Maria Montessori – Una vita per i bambini (miniserie tv, 2007), Aldo Moro – Il presidente (TV, 2008), Le cose che resano (4 ep, miniserie tv, 2010), Il giovane Montalbano (12 ep, serie tv, 2012-15), Una storia sbagliata (2014), Maltese – Il romanzo del Commissario (8 ep, serie tv, 2017), La mossa del cavallo – C’era una volta Vigata (TV, 2018), Non mentire (6 ep, serie tv, 2019), Io ti cercherò (8 ep, serie tv, 2020), Chiammi ancora amore (6 ep, miniserie tv, 2021), Everybody Loves Diamond (8 ep, serie tv, 2023), Indagine su una storia d’amore (2023).


film director

“I set out to tell this strange love story by immersing it in our modern-day society, shifting onto the screen the elements of our daily lives now irrevocably linked to the portrayal of our existence through social media, the perpetual desire for visibility, showcasing ourselves, and snooping into the lives of others.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Gianluca Maria Tavarelli. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Federico Annicchiarico. EDITING: Alessandro Heffler. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Simona Garotta. COSTUME DESIGN: Valeria Bistoni. MUSIC: Ralf Hildenbeutel, Federico Cabula. CAST: Alessio Vassallo, Barbara Giordano, Antonio Pandolfo, Costanza Tortoli, Silvia Gallerano, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Claudia Potenza, Lorenzo Gioielli, Andrea Sartoretti. PRODUCERS: Matteo Rovere, Andrea Paris, Margherita Murolo. PRODUCTION: Ascent Film, Halong.

CONTACT: Ascent Film