Country: Hungary
Year: 2023
Duration: 80'

In the 1990s Hungary, traveling is finally possible but unaffordable. What good is freedom if you can’t afford it? Ákos, Petya and Laci discover a simple method of using household detergents to dissolve Pelikan’s Blue carbon ink, allowing them to forge train tickets to any destination. Over time, they become professional and infamous forgery artists. For a long time, everything goes along smoothly, but when the police start an investigation, the friends discover that freedom comes at a price.


film director

László Csáki

(Mosonmagyaróvár, Ungheria, 1977) is an independent visual artist, animator and animation film director, well known for his unique chalkboard-drawing style. Several of his animated, documentary and short films have won multiple awards around the world. He has vast experience as an animation tutor at Budapest Metropolitan University (METU), Animation department. He lives and works in Budapest.


Napok, melyeknek értelmet adott a félelem (Days That Were Filled with Sense by Fear, cm, anim, 2003), Darazsak, ludak, körtefa (Wasps, Geese, Pear-Tree, cm, anim, 2004), A hangya és a tücsök (The Ant and the Cicada, cm, 2007), Bádogváros (Tincity, doc, cm, 2010), My Name Is Boffer Bings (cm, anim, 2012), Néhány szó (Just a Few Words, cm, 2017), Bagatell (Bagatelle, cm, anim, 2021), Pelikan Blue (doc, anim, 2023).


film director

“I have been collecting stories of travelers using fake international train tickets since 2011, when I came across a group of forgers who were more than willing to share their experiences. Between 2011 and 2021 we recorded more than 40 hours of audio interviews with forgers, travelers, the authorities, and former employees of the Hungarian State Railways. The motives connecting these stories were the desire of freedom and the joy of travel. I also belong to the generation which experienced the opportunities provided by free travel after the fall of the Iron Curtain. As a visual artist, it soon became clear for me that the story should be told in the genre of an animated documentary, which provides a certain freedom regarding the form while keeping the authenticity of real events; also providing the opportunity to produce Hungary’s first feature length animated documentary.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: László Csáki. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Árpád Horváth. EDITING: Dánel Szabó. MUSIC: Ambrus Tövisházi, Miklós Preiszner. SOUND: Tamás Zányi. CAST: Norman Lévai, Olivér Börcsök, Ágoston Kenéz, Kornél Tegyi, Ivien Rujder. PRODUCERS: Miklós Kazmer, Adam Felszeghy, Réka Temple. PRODUCTION: Umbrella, Cinemon Entertaiment.

CONTACT: NFI Hungary (Marta Benyei)