Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 19'

Tommy returns home after being away for a long time. To him, it's like a war scene, haunted by ghosts and, above all, by the presence of a girl he has always run away from, his daughter. He didn't want to return but the girl's mother has just died and, without him, she doesn't know where to go. The day before the funeral, father and daughter exchange a first glance: for her, it's one of hope; for him, it's pure terror. From that moment on, it's the two of them against the world. They experience a few moments of intimacy, between a failed attempt to braid her hair and a game that forces them to look into each other's eyes, and they learn that going back home is only the first step of many, toward the real return.


film director

Fabiana Russo

(Avellino, 2000) graduated from NABA, Milan's New Academy of Fine Arts, with a thesis on Cesare Zavattini. Kore is the first movie she has directed. She and the director Anteros Marra wrote the screenplay of Alpha, presented at the 2023 Rome Film Fest in the section Alice nella Città.


Kore (cm, 2023).


film director

“When I wrote Kore, the idea was to transmit a feeling more than a story. A sensation. The sensation of feeling unknown and, at the same time, fused together. Lea and Tommy are father and daughter, and they sense it, there's something invisible that ties them together. And yet, to all effects, they don't know each other. The story of this relationship is the real meaning of the movie, the main goal I gave myself and for which I simplified the directing and mise-en-scène as much as possible. For this reason, too, the story takes place in one single location. To make that house a sort of incubator, a protected environment, where the relationship between these two characters can take root.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Fabiana Russo. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Filippo Marzatico. EDITING, MUSIC: Anteros Marra. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Eugenia Peluso. SOUND: Marco Sciannamea. CAST: Gianvincenzo Pugliese, Aurora Menenti. PRODUCERS: Fabiana Russo, Marco Mingolla.

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