by Romain de Saint-Blanquat
Country: France
Year: 2023
Duration: 90'

1967, Mardi Gras. Françoise is a 17 year-old boarder in an all girls catholic high school. Convinced that she has only one night left before her death, she sneaks out with her friend Delphine to attend a costume party and live this night as if it was her last.


film director

Romain de Saint-Blanquat

(France) after studying cinema in Bordeaux and Paris, where he directed a graduation short film in 2014, Pin Ups. He worked as a decorator, production assistant and screenwriter. In 2023, he directed his first feature film, Bitten, which was screened at the Locarno Film Festival.


Pin Ups (cm, 2014), La Morsure (2023).


film director

“The contradictory characters of Bitten, sometimes voluble, sometimes indolent, carry with clairvoyance their complicated adolescence, whether it be endless or, on the contrary, too evanescent, but always with a need to escape from it. Françoise, Delphine, Christophe and the others construct a secluded world, inhabited by livid girls and boys at odds with the world of adults. A world of symbols to decipher, where the troubles that impede them can no longer be, where they often whisper because it is forbidden to speak, but also because they have secrets to confide.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Romain de Saint-Blanquat. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Martin Roux. EDITING: Sanabel Cherqaoui. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Sébastien Gondek. COSTUME DESIGN: Véronique Gely. MUSIC: Emile Sornin. SOUND: François Abdelnour. CAST: Fred Blin, Léonie Dahan-Lamort, Lilith Grasmug, Cyril Metzger, Maxime Rohart. PRODUCERS: Marc-Benoît Créancier. PRODUCTION: Easy Tiger. 

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