by Giulia Di Maggio
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 15'

Summer is coming to an end in a small village suspended in time. 10 years-old Clarissa already feels like a grown up as she helps her mother and grandmother make their yearly batch of tomato sauce. But when she overhears a conversation between her mother and grandmother Clarissa discovers that she’s still missing something to be considered a woman. So begins the young girl’s journey to uncover the women’s secret; a journey which soon turns into a nightmare where things disappear and communication becomes impossible. Only after losing herself does Clarissa experience a moment of illumination that shows her the way to adulthood.


film director

Giulia Di Maggio

(Palermo, Italy, 1995) in 2016 she got the degree in Communication and Entertainment in University of Pisa and then she graduated in 2022 from the experimental film school in Palermo centro sperimentale di cinematografia with the documentary short film Ancora una volta, selected by international festivals like Vision Du Reel, Poitieri Film Festival, FrontDoc and winner of many awards. The short Le Fenne has been developed in an artistic residency in Puglia. She is currenty working at her feature film debut.


Una volta ancora (doc, cm, 2021), Il periodo (doc, cm, 2022), Le Fenne (cm, 2023).


film director

“Le Fenne emerged from my need to examine a crucial moment in the life of every woman—her first period. A mysterious, often troubling event, the cultural and physical marking of a girl’s passage into womanhood. I wanted to express that the growth of our bodies doesn’t always correspond to that of our minds, that a young girl often isn’t ready to accept and understand this inevitable physical transformation that comes crashing down from above without explanation.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, STORY: Giulia Di Maggio. SCREENPLAY: Giulia DI Maggio, Saverio Cappiello. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Giulia Di Maggio. EDITING: Giulia Di Maggio. SOUND: Saverio Cappiello. CAST: Clarissa Girardi, Marilu’ Carosielli, Viola Giarnieri, Ester De Stefano, Carmelina Girardi, Vincenzo Girardi, Rosangela Lombardi, Ferndandez Castro Linney, Miriana Girardi. PRODUCERS: Saverio Cappiello, Marco Gernone, Nicolò Accettura. PRODUCTION: Intervallo Film.

CONTACT: Gorrilla Distribution films@gorrilladistribution.com