by Rodrigo Moreno
Country: Argentina, Brazil
Year: 2023
Duration: 189'

Buenos Aires bank employee Morán dreams up a scheme to liberate himself from corporate monotony: he’ll steal enough money to support a modest retirement, then confess and serve prison time while his co-worker holds on to the cash. Soon under pressure by a company investigator, accomplice Román heads to a remote rural idyll to hide the funds. There, he encounters a mysterious woman who will transform his life forever.


film director

Rodrigo Moreno

(Buenos Aires, 1972 received his degree in Cinematographic Directing from the Universidad del Cine, where he now teaches. He made his debut in 1993 with the short film Nosotros. and in 1998, he directed one of the four episodes of Bad Times, which competed at the Torino Film Festival. He made his feature film debut in 2002 with El descanso, co-directed with Ulises Rosell and André Tambornino and presented at the Buenos Aires International Festival od Independent Cinema. In 2006, his film The Custodian won the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlinale and the award for the Best South American Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2011, he directed A Mysterious World, which was also presented at the Berlinale. After founding his production company, Compañía Amateur, he directed Reimon in 2014, screened at various festivals, including Rotterdam and Hamburg, and in 2017, he made the documentary Provincial City. In 2023, The Delinquents was presented in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. He also works as a television screenwriter.


Nosotros (cm, 1993), Compañeros (Compagni, ep di Mala época [Tempi bui], 1998), El descanso (2002), El custiodio (2006), Le señal (tv, 2007), Un mundo misterioso (2011), Reimon (2014), Una ciudad de provincia (2017), Our Nighttime Stories (2018), Los delincuentes (2023).


film director

“Today’s rest and leisure do not carry the distinction they once had. Even more so in our peripheral, poor countries, where progressive governments sometimes emerge, and still the ideal of changing our stance in regards to money, production, and therefore work, taking the center stage, the notion of constructing a more humanitarian, anthropocentric vision that revolves around the full exercise of freedom, has been abandoned. These ideas not only are subjacent in The Delinquents but in all my previous films, the contrast between the everyday work routine as an alienating factor, as opposed to the possibility of escaping, or choosing to wander as a means to uncover new forms of freedom.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Rodrigo Moreno. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Alejo Maglio, Ines Ducastella. EDITING: Manuel Ferrari, Nicolás Goldbert, Rodrigo Moreno.. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Gonzalo Delgado, Laura Caligiuri. COSTUME DESIGN: Flora Caligiuri. SOUND: Roberto Espinoza. CAST: Daniel Elias, Esteban Baglardi, Margarita Molfino, Germán De Silva, Laura Paredes, Mariana Chaud, Gabriela Saidon, Cecilia Rainero, Javier Zoro Sutton. PRODUCER: Ezequiel Borovinsky. PRODUCTION: Waka Cine.