Country: Arabia Saudita
Year: 2023
Duration: 111'

In the heart of Riyadh, where desperation and opportunity collide, Fahad, a mentally fragile man, race against time to save his ailing father. As his world crumbles under the weight of financial burden and societal indifference, Fahad's life takes an unexpected turn when he is forced to make ends meet as a humble delivery mandoob (Arabic for courier). However, a chance encounter uncovers a dark underbelly of the city—one thriving on illegal dealings and illicit activities. Thrusted into the vestibules of the rapidly growing city, Fahad is confronted with a dangerous proposition that promises to solve all his monetary woes. Yet, this tantalising opportunity comes at a great cost.


film director

Ali Kalthami

(Al-Namas, Saudi Arabia, 1983) graduated from high school and joined the College of Education, Computer Department at King University. He joined the MBC group as an information systems supervisor in its offices in Riyadh. He started shooting several short films and satirical comedy clips on YouTube. In 2023, he directed his first feature film, Night Courier, presented at Toronto and screened at Zurich.


La Yekhtar Show (cm, 2010), Khambalah: Stereotype (cm, 2013), Khambalah: A Moustache Ideology (cm, 2013), Khambalah: Project DAES (cm, 2014), Khambalah - Tabaldi (cm, 2015), Wasati (mm, 2016), Mandoob (Night Courier, 2023).


film director

“Growing up in Riyadh and living there for the past 37 years, I have followed its social and economic changes. This diverse and newly changing city, Riyadh, has become an important global center, where people from all over the world are flocking to. And with this growth, I witnessed the city become central, urban, and more accepting of a new change led by a new generation, and with this massive growth, what happens to whoever lives in it as an individual? And what kind of mental pressure and loneliness can someone feel in its wide crowded streets? Fahad’s personality drew me in because of his sincerity and his true search for solutions to deal with the pressures of life in a city that doesn't wait for anyone.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Ali Kalthami. SCREENPLAY: Ali Kalthami, Mohammed Algarawi. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ahmed Tahoun. EDITING: Fakhreddine Amri. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Nirvana El Shenawi. MUSIC: Fabian & Mike, Mohammed Alhamdan, Antonin Simon. SOUND: Aurélien Lebourg. CAST: Mohammed Aldokhei, Hajer Alshammari, Mohammed Alttowayan, Abu Salu, Sarah Taibah, Amani Alsami. PRODUCERS: Abdulrahman Jerash, Chawki Knis. PRODUCTION: Telfaz11. CONTACT: MPM Premium (Natalia Isotta)