Country: Finland, Sweden
Year: 2023
Duration: 116'

A family comes together for the holidays, but before long starts falling apart. Just like every year, middle-aged sisters Susanna and Helena visit their parents' house with their families. But just like every year, Grandpa Lasse drinks too much, Grandma Ella has to take care of everyone, the kids are fed up and the sisters argue about the most pointless things. After Christmas, everyone separates and returns to their everyday lives. Everybody ask themselves a question we can all relate to: Are we destined to remain stuck in the same patterns or can we ever change - and at last become a happy family?


film director

Tia Kouvo

(Lahti, Finland, 1987) is a director and screenwriter with a background in social psychology. Family Time is her debut feature film and it premiered at Berlinale in 2023. After the premiere, it has been screened at the prestigious New Directors/New Films -festival organized by MoMa and Lincoln Center, and gotten awarded at Transilvania International Film Festival, Brussels International Film Festival and Cinema Jove.


Rio Rita (doc, cm, 2011), Chatten (Chat with Me, 2014), Vårens Tvekare (Doubter of Spring, cm, 2016), En nattlig konversation i Göteborg (Growing Pains, cm, 2018), Mummola (Family Time, cm, 2018), Pensionärerna (We Retired People, cm, 2018), Mummola (Family Time, cm, 2023).


film director

“On one hand I could say Family Time was partially born from a sadness. I find myself thinking: isn’t it sad that things have to be this way? In some ways, everything is actually fine. But it’s not really. Even when people truly love each other, and it seems like they could just have a nice time together, still they somehow don’t succeed. It’s in part this underlying sadness that led to the need to make this film, to explore it and perhaps to better understand it. On the other side, I could say what’s really at the root of the film is love. But to explore love, I also need to explore all the things that get in the way of it.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Tia, Kouvo. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jesse Jalonen. EDITING: Okku Nuutilainen. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Nanna Hirvonen. COSTUME DESIGN: Mirva Mietala. MUSIC: Sveinung Nygaard. SOUND: Jorma Kaulanen. CAST: Tom Wenzel, Leena Uotila, Elina Knihtilä, Ria Kataja, Jarkko Pajunen, Elli Paajanen. PRODUCERS: Jussi Rantamäki, Emilia Haukka. CO-PRODUCERS: Fredrik Lange, Kristina Börjeson. PRODUCTION: amu Film Company. COPRODUCTION: Vilda Bomben Film Ab, Film i Väst.

CONTACT: The Match Factory (Valentina Bronzini)