Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 92'

Rome, March 2020. One of the many anonymous nights during the lockdown. Suddenly Irene’s (Barbara Ronchi) phone starts ringing. It’s Pietro (Claudio Santamaria), her ex boyfriend. She hasn’t heard from him for months, since their breakup. She hesitates, but eventually she answers the phone. Pietro is out of his mind. His confused words foreshadow a desperate act. All Irene has to do is to set off, with a car, in a deserted city, without ever hanging up the phone, hoping to reach him in time.


film director

Manfredi Lucibello

(Florence, 1984) in 2010 he directed the short Storia di nessuno, for which he received numerous international awards. From 2011 to 2013 he wrote and directed the documentary Centoquaranta - La strage dimenticata, on the Moby Prince massacre, presented at the Festival dei Popoli, winner in Bellaria and then aired on La7 channel. In 2018 he wrote and directed his first feature, Tutti le mie notti, presented at Alice nella città during the Rome Film Festival: the film earned Benedetta Porcaroli the Nastro d’argento as a revelation actress. In 2022 he directed the documentary Bice Lazzari – Il ritmo e l’ossessione, also presented in Rome. Non riattaccare is his second feature.


Storia di nessuno (cm, 2010), Centoquaranta – La strage dimenticata (doc., 2013), Il paese perduto (mm, doc., 2015), Tutte le mie notti (2018), Borromini, Genie des römischen Barock (TV, 2019), Bice Lazzari – Il ritmo e l’ossessione (doc., 2022), Non riattaccare (2023).


film director

“The incipit of the novel Non riattaccare by Alessandra Montrucchio, on which the movie is freely adapted on, struck me deeply. In those few pages I saw an opportunity to pursue my personal journey on noir genre. To make an essential film (as something one cannot do without) starting from its elements: a person, a voice, and a car. I also saw another opportunity: the protagonists of the novel are nameless and they don’t have a past. I looked for them by recalling personal experiences, emotions, and fears. Thus, the characters of Irene and Pietro were born. The movie tells their story, during a journey with the foot pressed on the accelerator. The spectator lives every moment: there are no ellipses or time jumps. There are no stops. The spectator is always with Irene, who is present from the first to the last shot.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Manfredi Lucibello. SCREENPLAY: Manfredi Lucibello, Jacopo Del Giudice. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Emilio M. Costa. EDITING: Diego Berré. PRODUCTION DESIGN: noemi Marchica. COSTUME DESIGN: Ginevra De Carolis. MUSIC: Motta. SOUND: Emiliano Locatelli. CAST: Barbara Ronchi, Claudio Santamaria. PRODUCERS: Carlo Macchittella, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Manetti bros. PRODUCTION: Mompracem, Rai Cinema.

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