Country: USA
Year: 1948
Duration: 133'

Texas, 1851. The cattle farmer Tom Dunson, his friend Groot, and an orphaned boy, Matt, settle in an isolated area to raise a herd of cattle. Fifteen years later, Tom has become a wealthy and powerful man but he has also changed: his former generosity has disappeared and been replaced by a harshness that he vents primarily on Matt, who Tom considers his putative son. During the long and dangerous journey to herd ten thousand head of cattle, Matt and the other cowboys rebel against Tom's authority and seize control of the herd. Once they get to the city, father and stepson find themselves on the verge of a violent conflict but Matt's fiancee reminds the two rivals of the long-standing affection they share.


film director

Howard Hawks

University and moved to Los Angeles, where he entered the world of cinema as a prop master at the Famous Players-Lasky. Hired by Paramount in 1922 as a screenwriter, he debuted in directing at Fox in 1926 and had his first big success thanks to the producer Howard Hughes, who chose him to direct Scarface, Shame of the Nation (1932). One of the top directors during the golden age of Hollywood, he was famous for his eclectic genres and masterly use of the classic style, alternating comedies (Bring Up Baby, 1938; I Was a Male War Bride, 1949), noir (The Big Sleep, 1946), Westerns (Red River, 1948, Rio Bravo, 1959), war movies (Air Force, 1943), and musicals (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953). He received an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in 1975.


& Credits

DIRECTOR, PRODUCER: Howard Hawks. STORY: Borden Chase, from an article in The Saturday Evening Post. SCREENPLAY: Borden Chase, Charles Schnee. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Russell Harlan. EDITING: Christian Nyby. MUSIC: Dimitri Tiomkin. PRODUCTION DESIGN: John Datu. CAST: John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Coleen Gray, Harry Carey, John Ireland, Noah Beery Jr., Harry Carey Jr. PRODUCTION: Monterey Productions.