by Giuseppe Ferrara
Country: Italy
Year: 2011
Duration: 107'

In post-WWII Rome, Sergio, “er moretto di Tor Marancia,” dreams of becoming a famous boxer but, thanks to his fists, he becomes a boss of the city's organized crime. At a very young age, he marries a well-off girl and has a family but he can't resist the lure of the city and discovers the dolce vita, night clubs, beautiful women, and gambling. But Rome soon changes, the economic boom arrives bringing real estate speculation and the social crisis of the 1960s. The underworld itself re-organizes itself, becoming more structured and less spontaneous. Sergio is overwhelmed by the changes and is killed in an ambush that wipes out his life and a world that is unable to withstand the impact of modern times. A miniseries in four episodes, the story of a young boxer and a city.


film director

Giuseppe Ferrara

(Florence, 1932), graduated in directing from Rome's Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 1959 and, until the mid-1960s, published books on cinema and wrote for journals such as “Bianco e Nero,” “Cinema,” “Cinema Nuovo,” “Cinema 60,” “Filmcritica,” and “Schermi.” He collaborated with Raidue and Raitre, and also made documentaries for Rai and private networks. In 1970, he debuted in fiction film, launching a filmography characterized by strong political and social influences. His films have participated at the festivals in Venice, Berlin, Montreal, Valencia, and Moscow. His most famous movies include Il sasso in bocca (Secret Dossier of the Mafia, 1970), Il caso Moro (The Moro Affair, 1986), Segreto di stato (State Secret, 1994), and I banchieri di Dio – Il caso Calvi (The Bankers of God: The Calvi Affair, 2002). He also made a TV series, lessons about the language and professions of cinema.


I misteri di Roma (ep, cm, 1963), Il sasso in bocca (1970), Faccia di spia (1975), Panagulis vive (1982), Cento giorni a Palermo (1984), P2 Story (1985), Il caso Moro (1986), Narcos (1992), Giovanni Falcone (1993), Segreto di stato (1994), I banchieri di Dio – Il caso Calvi (2002), Donne di mafia (2005), Guido che sfido le Brigate Rosse (2007), I ragazzi del Vesuvio (2010), Roma nuda (serie, 2011).


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Giuseppe Ferrara. SCREENPLAY: Tomas Milian, Dardano Sacchetti. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Nino Celeste. CAST: Tomas Milian, Francesco Venditti, Anna Falchi, Laura Harring, Franco Califano, Massimo Bonetti, Jonis Bascir, Francesco Quinn, Fabrizio Sabatucci, Eva Henger. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Franco Della Posta. PRODUCER: Massimiliano Caroletti.