by Pedro Geraldo
Country: Brazil
Year: 2023
Duration: 67'

Sofia finds herself in a moment of housing vulnerability after she had to leave the flat where she was staying. Between academic obligations and the need of support, she decides to dodge the university duties to work as a tattoo artist at the campus and is crossed by encounters that place her path into a new perspective. The night falls and she remains drifting alone among the crowded and empty spaces of the University of Sao Paulo.


film director

Pedro Geraldo

(São Paulo, Brazil, 1990) graduated in Cinema Studies from FAAP in São Paulo. Worked as a cinematographer in short and feature films that have been exhibited at FIDMarseille, Rotterdam (IFFR) and IndieLisboa. He has concluded postgraduate studies both in Discourses of Contemporary Photography, at University of Lisbon, and Communication and Arts, at the New University of Lisbon. His artistic research is associated with the ways of perceiving space in a constant dialogue with what is seen and what remains absent, especially how the body is observed and how it connects to the materiality of different landscapes. In 2023 he directed his firs feature film, Sofia Was.


Sofia foi (2023).


film director

“Aesthetically, the film combines relations of proximity and distance to mark the materiality and the architecture of the spaces through which Sofia passes by, in contrast with intimate images, in which the camera focuses on the limits of the character’s body, her skin and touch. The sound operates in the same logic, captured directly, it creates sonic presences and absences, bringing sounds that swallow the protagonist, voices from afar, conversations and periods of emptiness.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pedro Geraldo. SCREENPLAY: Pedro Geraldo, Sofia Tomic. EDITING: Manoela Cezar, Pedro Geraldo. SCENOGRAFIA: Sofia Tomic. MUSICA: Mari Herzer. SUONO: Heloísa Ribeiro, Pedro Geraldo, Sofia Tomic. CAST: Sofia Tomic, Sofia Carvalheira, Heloísa Ribeiro, Paulo Tadashi, Jorge Neto, Guilherme Françoso. PRODUTTORI: Pedro Geraldo, Sofia Tomic, André Bulascoschi, Pedro Formigoni, Rodrigo Lavorato, Marina Kosa. PRODUZIONE: Ladaia, Tanto. 

CONTACT: Pedro Geraldo pedrocgeraldo@gmail.com