Country: Canada
Year: 2023
Duration: 101'

Emerging star of the Montreal drag scene, Simon falls in love with Olivier, the new recruit of the club where he performs. Simon thinks he has finally found the love of his life, but a destructive dynamic soon develops between the two. Meanwhile, Claire, Simon’s mother and famous opera singer, returns to work in the country after fifteen years of absence. Fascinated by this woman he barely idealizes, the young man persists in trying to create a bond with her. Made fragile by the failure of these two impossible loves, Simon will realize that he deserves better.


film director

Sophie Dupuis

(Val-d’-Or, 1986) studied at Concordia Universiti and the Université du Québec à Montréal. In 2007 she directed her first short film, J’viendrai t’chercher. In 2018 she made her feature film debut, Family First, which was selected as Canada’s submission for the Best Foreign language Film at the 91st Academy Awars and reicevec eight nominations at the Québec Cinema Awards. In 2020 she directed Underground, which was screened at various international film festivals such as Film by the Sea and Minneapolis-St. Paul. In 2023, her feature film SOLO was presented in Toronto, where it won the award for Best Canadian Film.


J’viendrai t’chercher (cm, 2007), Si tu savais Rosalie (cm, 2009), Félix et Malou (cm, 2010), Fallir (cm, 2012), L’Hiver et la violence (cm, 2014), Chien de garde (2018), Souterrain (2020), SOLO (2023).


film director

“I am passionate about human psychology. I wanted to portray a toxic relationship, to delve into its mechanisms, its roots, its consequences, and the reasons that can drive someone to accept mistreatment from someone they love. I wanted to do this with compassion and to find the paths to understand each person, without pointing fingers at a 'villain' or a 'victim.' It was a beautiful challenge, as a screenwriter, to express so much love for all the characters involved in these types of relationships.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Sophie Dupuis. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mathieu Laverdière. EDITING: Marie-Pier Dupuis, Dominique Fortin, Maxim Rheault. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Elise de Blois. COSTUMES: Cédric Quenneville. MUSIC: Charles Lavoie. SOUND: Jean Camden, Patrice Leblanc, Luc Boudrias. CAST: Théodore Pellerin, Félix Maritaud, Jean Marchand, Anne-Marie Cadieux. Alice Moreault, Vlad Alexis, Marc-André Leclair, Tommy Joubert. PRODUCER: Virginie Léger. PRODUCTION: Bravo Charlie.

CONTACT: Snd (Emma Gestin)