by Fabio Morgan
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 19'

A poetic story dedicated to one of the greatest figures of Italian theater and culture, from the post-war period to today: Carmelo Bene. A dreamlike flashback of the great actor and director, who, at death's doorstep, relives a few poetic moments of his adolescence in Salento and refinds the features, images, icons, and colors that characterized his entire poetic opus. It is also a “false documentary” made using amateur Super8 movies, a staple of family archives during the 1970s.


film director

Fabio Morgan

until 2017 was the artistic director of the Teatro dell’Orologio and until 2020 the director of the theatrical production Progetto Goldstein. The founder of the movie production company Velvet Movie, he also created the start-up Oniride, with which he made the show Walking on the Moon. The creator and artistic director since 2017 of La città ideale, a multidisciplinary festival of projects for urban spaces, he has created productions and projects of urban storytelling. The author of the ATER Teatro format, he adapted Pasolini's Accattone with the show Un giorno tutto questo niente sarà tuo. In 2022, he made the opera Fitzcarraldo in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome.


Sono apparso alla Madonna (cm, 2023).


film director

“The short was imagined and structured like a phantasmagorical and imaginative story of Carmelo Bene's childhood: a sort of 'false documentary' reconstructed starting with the imaginary discovery of ten spools of Super8 film. The sun-drenched fields of the “south of the south of the saints” of Salento; the first sacred representations staged in his hometown, Campi Salentina; the crazy aunts; the first hallucinations of the future characters of his theater; and the first heartthrobs for a Madonna who was little more than a girl, all unfold in a story that pays tribute to and glorifies obsessions, iconographies, landscapes, colors, and the cultural, religious, and anthropological legacies of the world of Carmelo Bene.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, STORY, SCREENPLAY, PRODUCER: Fabio Morgan. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Paolo Rapalino. EDITING: Andrea Maguolo. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Santa Scioscio. COSTUMES: Rosa Anna Calcagnile. CAST: Pierluca Poso, Alessandra Nacci, Salvatore Bellanova, Francesco Carlino, Lorenzo Semeraro, Gioele Paladini, Adriana Verdesca, Maria Teresa Duggento, Riccardo Lanzarone, Rachele Pagliara, Cristiano Maria Poso, Federica Sciuscio, Alessandro Magliano, Francesco Pio Baglivo, Francesco Madaro, Cinzia Stefania Naccarato, Giovanna de Michele, Michela Taurino, Maria Laura Dello Preite. PRODUCTION: Velvet Movie.

CONTACT: Movie Velvet (Daniele Grifoni) movievelvet@gmail.com