Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 53'

The Antarctic, 1988. A ship has to escape the clutches of the ice to reach Terra Nova Bay. Years later, in 2023, the Italian icebreaker Laura Bassi follows the same route and reaches the southern-most point of the planet, which had never been reached by ship before.


film director

Lorenzo Pallotta

(Teramo, 1992) studied at Milan's SAE Institute and began working on university and independent film productions. He also collaborated with the production companies Fedra Film and Fedra Hub, and worked as the director's assistant on the movie Loro by Paolo Sorrentino and on the director's short film Piccole avventure romane. Inumanamente (2016), his first short, was selected to participate at the Milano Film Festival, while Luis (2019) was selected for the Festival Européen du film court de Brest, the Figari Film Fest, the Visioni Italiane Festival, and the Medfilm Festival. With Las Hadas (2021), he participated at the FEST- New Directors New Film Festival in Portugal. Sacro moderno, his first feature-length documentary, was presented in the section Alice nella Città at the Rome Film Fest.


Inumanamente (doc, cm, 2016), Ossa (doc, cm, 2018), Luis (doc, cm, 2019), Las Hadas (doc, cm, 2021), Sacro moderno (doc, 2021), Terra Nova (doc, 2023).


film director

“We decided to recount this extreme journey starting with archive material. During the 1988 research expedition in the Antarctic, the Italian ship was forced to reverse course because of the constant presence of ice. In 2023, the icebreaker Laura Bassi follows the same course and this time overcomes the various challenges. The archive material is the load-bearing structure of the movie. This approach to two different types of material let us experiment with various formats and sounds, amplifying the visual and audio aspects to offer spectators a deeply moving experience in a remote place, dangerous and still fairly unexplored. We want to involve the spectators in the concept of 'evolutionary tension,' intrinsic to the journey and the route. In the heart of this epic undertaking, we deliberately kept the concept of the impossibility of dominating nature, by creating moments when the crew loses the signal, control, and reference points.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Lorenzo Pallotta. EDITING: Massimo Da Re, Marco Capozzi, Lorenzo Pallotta. MUSIC: Freddy Murphy, Chiara Lee. SOUND: Tommaso Barbaro. PRODUCTION: Morgana Production, Limbo Film, The Piranesi Experience.

CONTACT: Film Limbo (Stefano Chiavarini)