by Guillaume Brac
Country: France
Year: 2023
Duration: 38'

It’s June, and the high school already has a hint of vacation. But for Linda and Irina, 15 years old, the coming summer is synonymous with separation. The first one is going to move and her best friend has a hard time accepting it. Especially since this abandonment is not the first one…


film director

Guillaume Brac

(Paris, 1977) after studying production at the Fémis, he directed and produced his first short film Stranded in 2009, followed by a medium-length film A World Without Women in 2011, which won awards at numerous festivals. In 2013, directed his first feature film, Thunder, presented in official competition at the Locarno Film Festival. He then directed a medium-length documentary Le Repos des braves presented in 2016 at FID Marseille. In 2017, he directed a fictional diptych resulting from a workshop with young actors, July Tales, presented at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2018, he directed his first feature documentary, Treasure Island, which was presented at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. The film was included in the list of the ten best films of the year by “Cahiers du cinéma.” In 2020, he returned to fiction with All Hands on Deck, which premieres at the Berlinale Panorama section and was again included in the “Cahiers”’ list of the ten best films of the year. In 2023, he directed Linda and Irina, a medium-length documentary that premiered at the Visions du réel festival in Nyon.


Le Naufragé (cm, 2009), Un monde sans femmes (2011), Tonnerre (2013), Le Repos des braves (mm, 2016), Contes de juillet (2017), L’Île au trésor (2018), À l’abordage (All’arrembaggio, 2020), Un pincement au coeur (mm, 2023).


film director

“This isn’t the first time I’ve found myself in a situation of shooting a film with almost nothing prepared beforehand. Until just a few days before the filming started, I had no idea what we would be doing. It’s not easy; it’s truly a kind of free fall. I strongly believe that working this way on certain projects leads to things happening that you could never have imagined or predicted. If I had been asked to write this film in advance, I would have had to create a collective work, searching for topics related to youth in a generic manner. It would have been somewhat didactic, and I probably wouldn’t have thought of making a film about the crisis of a friendship. Shortly after working on this film, I tried to write a feature with the same plot, but I had the feeling that real life had led me to much more interesting things than what I had tried to imagine.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Guillaume Brac. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Emmanuel Gras. EDITING, MUSIC: Paola Termine. SOUND: Emmanuel Bonat. CAST: Linda, Irina, Ornella, Magalie Gilleron, Benjamin Arino, Marine Molins, Olivier Verclytte, Jeanne Czuchnowski. PRODUCER: Nicolas Anthomé. PRODUCTION: bathysphere, Le BAL, La fabrique du regard.

CONTATTO: bathysphere (Nicolas Anthomé) nicolas@bathysphere.fr