Country: Portugal
Year: 1998
Duration: 13'

Ivo and Beatriz wake up in the same bed, still embracing. As they get dressed to go out, they talk, play, pretend to fight. Theirs is a relationship that could become serious. Then he accompanies her to work and goes to meet a friend, a good-for-nothing who has involved him in some dirty business. When Beatriz receives a telephone call, all she hears is Ivo's agitated voice, interrupted by a gunshot. "Why this short film? For pleasure, for the pleasure of filming these actors, for filming the pains of love, this pain that can take us days to get over" (P. Caldas).


film director

Pedro Caldas

Pedro Caldas (Lisbon, 1958) graduated from the Lisbon Film School. He worked as sound technician for directors such as Paulo Rocha (A ilha dos amores), António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro (Ana), Solveig Nordlund (Dina e Django), and Joaquim Leitão (Duma vez per todas). He produced four theatrical plays directed by Jorge Silva Melo.


Enter stage right (doc., 1997), É só um minuto (cm, 1998).


& Credits

Director: Pedro Caldas.
Plot: Jorge Silva Melo.
Screenplay: Jacinto Lucas Pires.
Director of photography: Isabel Aboim.
Art director: Rita Lopes Alves.
Sound: Raquel Jacinto, Dominique Gaborieau.
Editor: Marie da Costa.
Cast and characters: Inês Lapa Lopes (Beatriz), Ivo Canelas (Ivo), António Simão (Simão), Leonor Keil (Leonor), Helder Brás (João).
Producer: Pedro Caldas. Produzione e
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