Country: Northern Ireland
Year: 1998
Duration: 8'

Dunleavy paces back and forth like a caged animal in his cell in Belfast prison. His rage and frustration grows in a very troubling way. He is about to explode. An expert is needed... fast! "Fatal Extraction is based on an event that has really happened, an anecdote that the screenwriter's father told me. Telling stories is my obsession and also listening to them. My childhood has been full of moments from my family life where stories and ballads hold sway. By watching and listening to my parents I learned to make films and tell some pretty tales" (C. McKeown).


film director

Colin McKeown

Colin McKeown (Northern Ireland, 1969) graduated film school in 1990. In 1995 he co-founded Six Pack, a film collective based in Belfast. In 1997 he worked as executive producer of the short film project, Premiere, for the Northern Ireland Film Commission and British Screen.


Bloody Mary (cm, 1990), Shop of Dreams (cm, 1990), Caution to the Wind (cm, 1992), Big Boys (video, cm, 1993), Fools (cm, 1996), Pudsey Goes to Hollywood (video, cm, 1996), Fatal Extraction (cm, 1998).


& Credits

Director: Colin McKeown.
Screenplay: Malachy Martin.
Director of photography: Eric Gillespie.
Costume designer: Greig Keyes.
Art director: Shane Bunting.
Sound: David Kilpatrick.
Music: Trevor Moore.
Editor: Jane Tubb.
Cast and characters: Walter McMonagle (Mr. Goodwin), Stuart Graham (Dunleavy), Eleanor Methven (Mrs. Goodwin).
Producer: Margo Harkin. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Besom Productions, 25 Ferryquay Street, Derry BT48 6JB, Northern Ireland, tel. +44-1504-370303, fax +44-1504-370728, e-mail Co-production: BBC Northern Ireland.