Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 8'

Chiara, a young "mulatta" woman, is about to announce her marriage to her parents. Her future husband, Samuel, is a good artist, but has only one "defect" - he is black.

"I wrote the short film thinking of the thousands of contradictions that go through the human mind. We live in a multiracial society in name only. In fact, we are still very bound up in the color of the skin. I experience this contradiction very personally because I am the daughter of an Italian father and a Ugandan mother. People talk a lot about racism and about how to overcome racial intolerance. There is a lot written about it, and we have already seen a lot about it in film. However, I think this is not enough. I didn't want to make judgements, I simply wanted to propose a situation that I think happens a lot. This little film aims to be a little peg, another moment of reflection on our fears and our most hidden emotions" (Maria Asiride).


film director

Maria Asiride

Maria Asiride (Kampala, Uganda; 1969) has studied at various acting schools in Rome and has taken Sergio Donati's screenwriting course. She has worked for the television networks Canale 5 and RAI. Her first acting role in film was in Citto Maselli's Cronache del terzo millennio (1996). She was one of the main actors of Luca and Marco Mazzieri's film Voglio una donnaaa! (1997). She acted in Alessandro Benvenuti's I miei più cari amici (1998). Chiara marks her debut as a film director.


Chiara (1998).


& Credits

Director and plot: Maria Asiride.
Director of photography: Gino Sgreva.
Art director: Fabrizio Ferrari.
Sound: Roberto Mozzarelli.
Music: Francisco Bonardi.
Editor: Rita Rossi.
Cast: Nino Castelnuovo, Maria Asiride, Victor Kanu, Saba Woldeab.
Production company: Luca e Marco Mazzieri - Set 22, via al Duomo 7, 40300 Parma, Italy, tel. +39-521-231899.