Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 7'

On a summer day on the slopes of Mount Etna an idyll begins that has the flavor of days gone by, but its conclusion has the typical bitter taste of our own days... "In 1953 in Il mare non bagna Napoli Anna Maria Ortese wrote: 'In the farthest and brightest lands of the south, there is a hidden ministery that defends nature from reason - a maternal genius with unlimited power (...) If this defense would go away for only one moment, the sweet, cold voices of human reason could penetrate this nature and it would be struck down'. Unfortunately the defense of that little of 'nature' that still is holding on today is more and more feeble. This is what La Gattoparda aims to tell the story of" (Nicola Cavaglieri).


film director

Nicola Cavaglieri

Nicola Cavaglieri (Bollate, Milan; 1966) lives in Milan. He studied at the Milan Center of Professional Training for Film and Television Technology and has worked as assistant director in audiovisual productions. He presently works in the multimedia field as a graphic artist and editor.


In faccia a medusa (1992), Conversazioni dietro lo specchio: storie di volontariato giovanile (1992), Giacomo, il tenero (1993), Ecrans d'Afrique (1994), Oltre il ghetto (1995), La cattedrale del lavoro (1995), Assemblaggio sentimentale (1996), La Gattoparda (1998).


& Credits

Director: Nicola Cavaglieri. Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Emilia Bianchini, Nicola Cavaglieri.
Editor: Susanna Schoenberg.
Cast: Alma Wilde, Jack Hustler. Production company and Italian distribution: Dropout Video Produzioni, piazza Guardi 4, 20133 Milano, Italy, tel. e fax +39-2-76118143.