Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 7'

Bruno is still, at the entrance of that cloister that has long been friendly to him and is now surprisingly hostile. His life will change at the end of that long corridor. He will take off his normal clothes and put on a clerical robe. However, just at that moment, the certainty of that choice, which had supported him for such a long time, is overrun by memories, fears, and doubts. The doubts are that perhaps outside forces and other people's certainties - something bigger than him - have made him unable to choose his own life in peace. And so, Bruno runs away. He has too much respect for that place and for that robe to cheat it.

"Investiture is not only a 'religious' story. Bruno does go down three paths physically inside the cloister amid its wide corridors, but these are mainly three paths of the soul. The first is that of the personal choices and certainties, which is invaded by doubts and insecurity. In the second path we become aware of how much external conditioning, objective facts, and other people have an influence on us. However, among the three paths, the most mysterious and fascinating one is that of the unthinkable" (Vincenzo Marra).


film director

Vincenzo Marra

Vincenzo Marra (Naples, 1972) moved to Rome when he was very young, but has always been closely linked to his hometown. He attended several courses in directing and screenwriting. In 1997 he worked as assistant to director Mario Martone for the film, Teatro di guerra. Successively, a screenplay he wrote won him a scholarship in the Solinas Award competition. He then worked as assistant director for Marco Bechis's Garage Olimpo. This year his first feature film, Tornando a casa, won him various awards, including that of The International Week of Film Critics at the Venice Film Festival and the best film award at the Annecy Festival of Italian Film.


Una rosa, prego (cm, 1998), La vestizione (cm, 1998), Tornando a casa (2001), Estranei alla massa (2001).


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: Vincenzo Marra.
Director of photography: Paolo Bravi.
Sound: Filippo Porcari.
Editor: Roberto Grassi.
Cast: Marco Adda, Francesca Serra, Giulio Meduri, Arturo di Feola, Luigi Guidi.
Production company: Vincenzo Marra, vicolo della Madonnella 2, 00186 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-6-6861563-68309103, fax +39-6-68805635.