Country: France
Year: 1998
Duration: 112'

Jean is a brutal man who goes around France in his car with marionettes and a wolf's costume as his only baggage. He kills the women that he meets, savaging their bodies, and abandons them in a squalid hotel room, in a silent wood, or on the banks of a river. Jean is persecuted by his childhood memories. He can hardly communicate and is a kind of "block of stone". He meets Claire on a day when it is raining very hard. Claire has just had a car accident. He takes her into his car and a link grows between the two of them. Clair is a virgin and falls in love with Jean. She perhaps recognizes in him, in his awkwardness and brutality, the same thing that also forces her, darkly to the edges of the heart. Claire is sick with despair for her life that she has not lived, and it is no other than Jean who gives her back a bit of life. However, their love is condemned to be short and lost.


film director

Philippe Grandrieux

Philippe Grandrieux (Saint-Etienne, 1954) exibithed his first video installation, Via la Vidéo, in Brussels in 1976. Since then he has divided his work between experimental films and documentaries and has been collaborating with the cultural television station Arte. In 1990 he founded the laboratory Live, that produced sixty-minute plan sequences without post-production shot by directors like Robert Kramer, Robert Frank and Gary Hill. He has made many documentaries but Shade is his first fiction feature film.


Via la vidéo (1976), Berlin/Paris/Berlin (1987), Azimut (doc., 1989), Cafés (doc., 1992), La Roue (doc., cm, 1993), L'Industrie du rêve (doc., 1994), Jogo do Bicho (doc., 1994), Retour à Sarajevo (doc., 1996), Sombre (1998).


& Credits

Director: Philippe Grandrieux.
Screenplay: Philippe Grandrieux, Pierre Odgson, Sophie Fillières.
Director of photography: Sabine Lancelin.
Music: Alan Vega.
Editor: Françoise Tourmen.
Cast and characters: Elina Löwensohn (Claire), Marc Barbe (Jean).
Producer: Catherine Jacques.
Production company: Zeile Productions, 10 bis rue de la Montagne, 77760 Burcy, France, tel. +33-1-48510310, fax +33-1-55862123. Co-
Production company: La Sept Cinéma, Monteurs' Studio.
Foreign sales agent: Celluloïd Dreams, Engameh Panahi, 24 rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris, France, tel. +33-1-49700370, fax +33-1-49700371.