Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 12'

In the midst of a deep crisis, the television signs on "monsters", who have become monsters as their métier or as an expression of their bad luck, in order to make a revolutionary program that will glue even the most distracted television-watcher to his or her couch.


film director

Elena De Rosa

Elena De Rosa, is a university graduate in Film History. She works as a programmer and director for RAI as well as a screenwriter and director of short films.


Ninna oh! (1997), Casting (1998).


& Credits

Director: Elena De Rosa.
Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Elena De Rosa, Roberto Campagna.
Director of photography: Salvatore Mazzeo.
Sound: Carlo Canino.
Editor: Vladimiro.
Cast: Andrea Lolli, Paola Minaccioni, Federica Cifola, Massimiliano Pazzaglia.
Production company: Concorso Cinema in Diretta, corso Lancieri 14, 11100 Aosta, Italy, tel. +39-165-239550, fax +39-165-239538, e-mail: