Country: Italy
Year: 1997
Duration: 17'

The video presents an imaginary video game in which there are inserted the main steps in the story of human flight: the imaginary mythological flights, flights in literature, scientific research, the first thrilling experiences, and the most advanced developments in today's aeronautics. The video was conceived within the Project Area 96/97 dedicated to the construction of an interactive exhibit entitled "Man, Technology, and Flight". This project was addressed to students in elementary and junior high schools. The video is the result of the work of a class with some teachers in the school's Multimedia Laboratory. Many kinds of materials were screened. The class followed a course in analysis of television and film codes organized by the Turin Province C.S.D. and they discussed the ways of making videos with experts.


film director

Istituto tecnico industriale statale "Carlo Grassi", Torino


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: classe 2a A a.s. 1996/97, Bianca Barnini, Michele Martino.
Editor: Michele Martino.
Production company: Istituto tecnico industriale statale "Carlo Grassi", Costruzioni aeronautiche, elettrotecnica e automazione, via P. Veronese 305, 10148 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-11-2266550, fax +39-11-2266843, e-mail