Country: Senegal
Year: 1969
Duration: 12'

The game of the false lion is a custom dating back more than a century. It is believed that only the people who have been touched by the lion can identify with it and be subject to the influence of its behaviour. Pierre N'Gom, with this son, the lion cub, are the last descendants of a family of false lions. In the chaos of the popular celebration, and to the endless rhythm of drums, the lion and the cub attack the public to give vent to their aggressiveness. The false lion can be tamed only by the eloquence of the word.


film director

Momar Thiam


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Momar Thiam.
Director of photography: Abdou Fary Faye.
Cast and characters: Pierre N'Gom (il leone), Bethio N'Gom (il leoncino).
Production company: Les Films Momar.