by Simone Massi
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Duration: 4'

The intellectual soul of man extends from the earth and ascends, in order to comprehend the body of the world, the wondrous substance of the sky.


film director

Simone Massi

Simone Massi (Pergola, Pesaro-Urbino, Italy, 1970), the son of factory workers and farmers, was himself a worker before he studied animated film at Urbino’s art school. An independent animator, for fifteen years now he has been trying to turn his passion for drawing into a profession. He created and realized (on his own and completely by hand) a dozen short animated films which have been shown in over fifty countries throughout the world and have won over two hundred awards.




Immemoria (cm, anim., 1995), In aprile (cm, anim., 1995), Millennio (cm, anim., 1995), Racconti (cm, anim., 1996), Niente (cm, anim., 1996), Keep on! Keepin’on! (cm, anim., 1997), Adombra (cm, anim., 1999), Il giorno che vidi i sorci verdi (cm, anim., 2001), Pittore, aereo (cm, anim., 2001), Tengo la posizione (cm, anim., 2001), Piccola mare (cm, anim., 2003), Io so chi sono (cm, anim., 2004), La memoria dei cani (cm, anim., 2006), Nuvole, mani (cm, anim., 2009), Dell’ammazzare il maiale (cm, anim., 2011).


film director

Withal, it is incumbent upon man, the noblest among all creatures, to direct his contemplations towards the loftiest matters. For we observe that animals incline their hindquarters and shoulders toward the heavens, that which we deem the most noble, while their chests and ponderous heads stoop low to the earth, as if in humble supplication for sustenance. Man, in the midst of all other creatures, doth stand erect, and the throne of his intellectual soul resides at his side, elevated above the terrestrial realm and nigh unto the celestial sphere, as close as can be, considering the confines of his corporeal form. The intellectual soul doth abide aloft, in order to fathom the entirety of the world, and notably its most exalted celestial parts, such as the wondrous substance of the heavens, for what it is, and how it is wrought, along with its motions and its marvelous workings.


& Credits

DIRECTOR, IDEA: Simone Massi. STORY: freely inspired by the frescoes in San Fiorenzo, Bastia Mondovì. ANIMATION, DRAWINGS: Tamara Tantalo. EDITING: Lola Capote Ortiz. SOUND: Stefano Sasso. CAST: St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir Slovenia Julija Skobe (solo singer), Helena Fojkar Zupančič (director), Fabrizio Gifuni (La composizione del mondo, Restoro d’Arezzo). PRODUCTION: Comune di Priero, Caritas abundat in Omnia (Hildegarde Von Bingen).

CONTACT: Simone Massi simonmassi@gmail.com