The opening ceremony of the 38 Torino Film Festival was held by the TV1 studio of the Centro di Produzione Rai in Turin that hosts the program “Che succ3de?” conducted by Geppi Cucciari on Rai3. A breathtaking scenography, with a vidiwall that comes alive with all the images of the festival, six cameras and a technological setting from prime time program.

The ceremony will be visible on 20 November 2020 at 18:30 on the Raiplay website in the space dedicated to TFF and curated by Rai Movie.

Stefano Francia di Celle, director of the TFF, will do the honors; with him, the deputy director Fedra Fateh and the director of the National Cinema Museum Domenico De GaetanoIn connection with the president of the National Cinema Museum Enzo Ghigo, the mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino and the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio.


During the ceremony the past and present of cinema are told, with a special and heartfelt thought to all the great artists who left us prematurely.  The all-female jury is presented and some of the themes of this edition are remembered. Representing all the authors, Davide Bongiovanni intervenes remotely in his short (R)esisti faces the dramatic contemporaneity of the emergency Covid.


The ceremony closes with the connection from Mexico with the director Fernanda Valadez and part of the all-female cast of the opening film Sin señas particulares: the producer and editor Astrid Rondero, the author of the soundtrack Clarice Jensen and the leading actress Mercedes Hernández.

For more information and movie viewing click here.


In the studio of “What’s next?” Part of the special program for the awarding to Isabella Rossellini of the Stella della Mole Prize for artistic innovation, which will be possible to follow Friday, November 27 at 18:00 always on the Raiplay website in the space dedicated to TFF and edited by Raimovie.

We thank Rai for the great availability and the fundamental support in the realization of the two appointments.

Thanks to Geppi Cucciari and his group, Rai3, the TV Production, the Rai Production Center in Turin and the Museum of Radio and Television.

Rai is main media partner of the 38 Torino Film Festival.